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Spotted a suggestion that some of the WTO rioters were from Germany and that got me thinking.

Those of you on the far side of the pond may not even be aware that there is still a strong and active Nazi movement in Europe. It's not a German problem, the UK has plenty of its own, including a political party. The press generally refers to them as Neo-Nazis, but that's a semantic nicety. The main difference is that they wear designer clothes, not jackboots.

These are not nice people, and they're active, they're not just a talking shop. You can - and I wouldn't advise it - check them out on European and USA sites. Warning: if you are bothered by expressions of hatred, DO NOT view these sites. I wish I could un-view them.

Now, if the European police want to tear gas any concentration of these people, that's fine with me. They could even use something stronger, and I wouldn't be too upset.

Anyone heard any rumours about how the Fourth Reich might be planning to celebrate rollover? I'd like as much warning as possible.

-- Colin MacDonald (, December 01, 1999



The disruptive Germans @ the WTO meeting were extreme fanitical violent leftists & hippy types. There is a much greater percent of these types worldwide then any far right thinking individuals or groups. Also the leftists have proven to be more violent & cause more damage to property each year. In the US & Canada these groups are monitored & many are listed as "known terrorist groups", even the ones who visit from abroad.

Now about the group Combat 18 which you linked to. This group is a front group started in England by the leftists to commit crimes & profit from drug trade under the cloak of being a right wing group.. The BNP will have nothing to do with them. See all the media coverage on this matter as well as who started what soccer riots & why year ago. This group works in the US with a few other fake Right style groups to inform to the authorities while still being allowed to do drug trafficing, acculumlate mailing lists to sell & to cause disruption in any of the Right political movements or groups. Mostly by double speak or rumor spreading as well as subversion & infiltration. Yet, these same groups they try to destroy they try to drawn in & feed off of their same target group.

From my years of research on these matters Blood & Honour has changed hands no less than 5 times in the last 10 yrs & is an organization that is involved in the record industry. The genre would be Oyy music, white power music, folk, punk, etc.. They also put out a music magazine. This was a spin off of Rock-O-Rama after they were illegally seized & shut down.

There is much less to fear in the desires of the Right then of the desires & actions of the far left. So don't worry be happy, just focus on your preps.

BTW, I knew a Colin who had a brother named Ian who's family lived in the US for a while. Are you he?

-- writer (, December 01, 1999.

Thanks for the reply. But, er, what exactly is the difference - in practical terms - between extreme left and extreme right wingers? They're both based on factionalism and fascism, i.e. unity through separation, strength through unity. And I don't want to be near either of them when they're partying.

Again, thanks for the info, and I do appreciate the reply, but I was really more interested in their Y2K celebration plans than their history. Worried minds want to know...

-- Colin MacDonald (, December 01, 1999.

From my reading & contacts on the matter I have come to this understanding. The formal, established, educated political Right groups are all aware that the Millenium does not begin until 2001. So this is reflected in their publications, radio shows etc. So this New Years eve is no big deal (as is true for most knowledgable or educated persons of the globe). Y2K is dealt w/ as a personal preference to prepare, as is religous ideals & ideology.

I am far less concerned about any actions of the Right than of the Left. Y2K is somethings to be concerned about, but I wouldn't waste my time worring about what some polarized individuals or groups will do.. our government will do it all for them as usual.

I suppose the ones to truely watch & be concerned over would be the World governments, Powerbrokers & fundamental Christians around the world. Most of the Christians are just cult like followers & not into educating themselves w/ biblical history or documentation & calendar changes. (i.e according to many scholars the man Jesus was born 2000 yrs back from 1997. And the millenium occurs in 2001 just as centuries get celebrated in the new on 1901 etc..

-- 2 cents (, December 01, 1999.

2cents: And your point about fundamental Christians is...?

Define a fundamental Christian.

-- Liz Pavek (, December 01, 1999.

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