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Just found our Command Centre plan today on our intranet. I would post the actual documents, only I'm not convinced that I could remove all references to the company, and anyway, they'd send you to sleep. :) Bear with me on this one...

Here's a synopsis. We are a small multinational (7000 staff?). Most sites (but not my R&D site) will have a Day-0 team on hand from rollover to 3-Jan-2000 and beyond if necessary.

The plan names individuals and details their responsibilities. So far so good. However, it is just a plan for reporting faults, not dealing with them. This is clear from the start, as its avowed intention is to "Verify that there are no problems."

There is no indication that the responsible individuals have extra authority to solve problems, nor even that any company resources will be available to them.

Basically, the plan is for a few people to come in to the factories and offices, walk around and press a few buttons, and then report that All Is Well to the Command Centre.

Actually, we're a pretty together company. Chances are that all Will Be Well. It's just irksome that our only plan is to verify that, not rectify it if it turns out not to be true. :(

I'll have a go at anonymysing it - sorry, I'll have to - and post it later, if I can find time between my flurries of artwork. :)

-- Colin MacDonald (, December 01, 1999


Well, Colin, at least not having to solve the problems (if there are any), you'll have plenty of time to invade France. I'm assuming since the Chunnel will be closed, you'll be using your pod. May the wind be at your back.

-- Casey DeFranco (, December 01, 1999.

Hi Casey. I thought I'd go via Belgium. That's the last thing they'll be expecting. ;)

-- Colin MacDonald (, December 01, 1999.

Invade France, Ugghhh. Who in their right mind would invade a socialist country full of snobs with no electricity. The grid worked when the Germans did it. Heck if you posted your plan in Le Monde they would probably surrender.

(Only kidding).

The company I work at has been busy with all the big brains in corner offices panicing at the last minute. But resources and plans are at least being put into play. Procrastination is not just an individual trait.

-- squid (, December 01, 1999.

Colin, Hope you are not in Scotland.Just got back from Galloway & its damn cold up there.

-- Chris (, December 01, 1999.

DAY-O! Day, day, day, day-oh! Daylight come, and me wanna go home!

(sorry. I just couldn't resist.)

-- Liz Pavek (, December 01, 1999.

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