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I do not have a URL, there might be something in the Atalnta Newspapers but I don't have time to look. I caught this on last night's news. Thousands of people that used their credit cards to gain entrance to the Regal Theater in the past 3 weeks have been charged several times on their credit cards. Those interviewed said they had been charged 6 times. Regal said it was a computer glitch. They asked all those receiving bills with errors to contact Regal and the charges would be reimbursed as well as total cost of inconvenience such as bounced check fees, etc.

Even if Y2k is a BITR, such things as these type of errors will drive people crazy. I think we will see this type of thing over and over in the future. Keep hard copies and receipts, don't think it won't happen to you.

-- Linda A (, December 01, 1999


Absolutely correct - Y2K is going to cause an untold number of manhours devoted to correcting snafus. Good post. Thanks

-- Guy Daley (, December 01, 1999.

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