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I'm a student and soon I'll be taking a few photography classes. I work in a pawn shop and have recently taken a great interest in photography. I read somewhere that Konica offer the best value for manual-focus SLR cameras on the market. After researching for a bit I realized we had a mint-condition FS-1 body that had been sitting in the shop since the dawn of time(apparently nobody is looking for a Konica). After reading your information it appears that the FT-1 isn't all that better than the FS-1, so I'll be sticking with it. I am curious as to what lenses would suite my purposes both student and hobby. I'd like a set that would adequately cover the 28-300mm range. I considered the Tamron adaptall2(I have Konica and Pentax K-mount adapter) lenses like the 28-200 and the 60-300, and I have also read that Hexanon lenses are very good as well if you can find them in good condition. I found one 70-150 3.5 soligor lense that I could purchase in the shop, but it's an odd lense for any practical use. Also, would it be worth it to get the x-24 flash?

-- Anonymous, December 01, 1999


Konics FS-1


The X-24 flash is a perfect mate to that FS-1. It takes control of the camera ans dets everything for a perfect flash exposure every time. Just be careful of the battery box door. It's fragile, and spring pressure can damage it it easily. (see next message)

Hexanon lenses are among the best. second manufacturer lenses are usually worth a lot less. No zoom will be as sharp as the prime lenses. The two greatest bargains, and sharpest, to boot, are the 40mm f1.8 and 135mm f3.2 Hexanons. They appear regularly on eBay.


-- Anonymous, December 03, 1999

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