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Saw last night on our local news Idaho's state gov't sent out taxes that were due to be returned Jan. 20, 1900. So far they have sent over 20,000 of these. Immediately the State's IT man said, "This is NOT a Y2K issue, we simply made a HUMAN error". Right, pal - we made that Human error about 50 years ago!!!

They were interviewing a few of the business owners about the glitch & they laughed and said that must mean we don't have to pay next year.

Ran a search this morning in the ID papers - nothing. Gotta give the administration credit for one thing, they have successfully put 99% of the population to sleep. I honestly do not think ANYTHING will move the heard at this point. Gotta run & grab some more beans & rice. Easy pickins for us doomers right now.

-- Matt (, November 30, 1999


Thanks Matt, I needed this today. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Our neighbor got a bill from the IRS for $74,000 dollars last month. They own a mom and pop carpet store and have one employee. The IRS said this was their quarterly payment that was due. I doubt they've ever seen $74,000 in gross sales. I've been issued a second EIN by the IRS. One is bad enough, but two???? We still don't have that straightened out. Oh, they issued the new number last month, just in time for Y2k. Human error I'm sure. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

-- dozerdoctor (, November 30, 1999.

Remember Your 1999 Form 1040 must be postmarked no later than

April 15, 1900.

-- snooze button (, November 30, 1999.

well, here we are - 2 minute warning, no time outs ...
damn folks, it seems the sheeple will stay sound asleep until TSHTF.
so be it.

-- Dan G (, November 30, 1999.

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