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How did Poe explore the Darkness and Depth in his work? Why did he write such morbid tales and poems? Did something happen to him as a child? Thanks for answering!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, November 30, 1999


He had a horrendous childhood. He lost his parent when he was three. He lost a lot of contact with his siblings soon afterwards. He was taken in by a family that believed his parents were disgraceful because they were actors, and they constantly reminded him of his place in society. And this is just his childhood.

-- Anonymous, December 01, 1999

Poe had a great childhood up until he entered college. Yes, he did loose his parents at a young age, but his caretakers loved him until then. He went to crap after getting kicked out of his house, by his foster father and was not included in the will his caretaker wrote

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2000

Yes. He had traumatic experiences when he was a child. He was separated with his father and foster father, his mother, foster mother and his lovely wife died due to Tuberculosis.

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2000

Yes, Poe was very borwbeating and life growing up was very hard for Poe. I think losing his mother was hard on him and inspiried him to write. One of my personal opinions is that I don't think Poe thought his mother was really dead and that he thinks she was buried alive. That might be were his fear of being buried alive cones in and why most of his stories were based on death and being buried alive. Also the family that adoped him wasn't a picture perfect family. His father denied him money to continue school and thats probably why he wrote such horrible materials. Maybe he was just a very creative person, what ever the reason. I don't think we'll ever find out.

-- Anonymous, March 15, 2001

At the age of 7 Poe saw a coffin being exhumed. The coffin contained a man who had been buried alive and he saw him pressed up against the top. His wife, mother, father, foster mother and a stream of other people close to him all died at various points throughout his life, especially in his childhood. He also had another disturbing incident with a corpse at an early age but I can't remember the details. I hope this helps.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2002

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