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I've beenlurking around this forum for a couple of months. I'm trying to gather as much info as I can. Could I please get some opinions on this link (

point to the left where it says articles and archives. They have interesting information on things like y2k, new world order, the Clintons and masonry etc.

-- tired of worrying (, November 30, 1999


The writer, S. David Bay or Bays, is profoundly anti-Catholic. But nowadays, who isn't?

-- Spidey (free@last.Amen), November 30, 1999.

I'm not anti-catholic because I don't quite understand catholsizm. I do however believe in the King James version of the bible. It's a funny thing . I was brought up in a christian church and never was interested in the bible until I learned two years ago about y2k and the birth of the red heifer in Isreal . Also I learned about the new implantabel microchip which will eventually be implanted under everyones skin in order for them to buy or sell anything. When I did some research and found out that all of this was true, I have been addicted to finding out the truth about our future.

I love this forum and I appreciate everyones opinion on here.

-- tired of worrying (, November 30, 1999.

>> But nowadays, who isn't? <<


-- Brian McLaughlin (, November 30, 1999.

>> But nowadays, who isn't? << Me, too. My anti's have to do with lies, cruel behaviors.

-- johno (, November 30, 1999.

Are you?

-- tired of worrying (, November 30, 1999.

You should know that most well informed people in this country, including most Christians, consider this sort of thing wacko lunatic fringe conspiracy theory, not to mention that it is anti-Catholic.

Y2K is a computer problem. No mention of it in the Bible. Why are all these nutcases concerned about it???

-- lurker (lurker@somewhere.con), November 30, 1999.

All of the stuff written here is interesting but certainly doesn't match MY fremasonry. Having given 2 of the 3 lectures used in the primary 3 Craft Degrees, I take some issue with the "Satanic" relationship, etc. Most of our lectures and charges are drawn from the bible, both new and old testiment. we take our oath's on a bible, and we use the bible as the Great Trestle-board (a device which held the plans for buildings in early times) holding plans for the construction of that house "not made by human hands" as well as the rule and guide of our lives.

I truly have more problems reconciling my Catholicism with my Christianity than my Christianity with my Masonry or my Catholicism with my Masonry.

Chuck Who has sat in a few chairs, and holds a few degrees beyond the basic 3.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, November 30, 1999.

Chuck, what do you think of the buildeburgers, the illuminati, the Rockefellers , and all of the global elite of the world/

-- tired of worrying (, November 30, 1999.

Yo Tired of Worrying,

You say you firmly believe in the King James Bible?

When's the last time you saw a unicorn? The Bible mentions this creature six times in Numbers 23:22, 24:8, Job 39:9-10, Psalms 29:6, 92:10. I have NEVER sseen one; I do not believe the KJV to be 100% accurate nor correct.

Freemasonry started in the 14th and 15th centuries as a "secret society". Why? Because secret societies were all the rage. Why? Because middle and upper class opinion had it that all the movers and shakers at the time were members of secret societies, a brotherhood of mutual aid. If you wanted to get somewhere, if you wanted to provide social security for your progeny, if you wanted to gather arcane powers to yourself, you joined a secret society (if you could afford the membership fees).

Now of course, things can become contaminated along the way. The more eccentric of European royalty wanted those arcane powers, and were willing to pay huge dues to be in the one true society. I guess the only ones who really gained were the ones selling the memberships and degrees. But many powerful, mentally off balance individuals had the opportunity to rub shoulders.... and become indoctrinated with the "society's" creed.

In the mid 19th century, due to the efforts and fortunes of Cecil Rhodes, the new creed became globalism, with Britain as its focus. This was documented by Carol Quigley, who was referred to by (Dollar) Bill Clinton in his first inaugural address, whom he thanked for showing him to true source of power.

Now, whether there was a concious conspiracy or not, Clinton did make this reference to the true source of power. And whether the British focus of globalism still holds or not is a matter of debate. But no one can deny globalism is firmly entrenched at this time and is growing stronger daily. The thing no one seems to want to ask is who will be the head of this globalism?

Answer: ME!

-- Ol' Scratch (, November 30, 1999.

i HAVE A FEELING that this global leader MIGHT be the so-caalled deceiver of the new world. I'm not sure but I have read very compelling articles on this subject----including the bible.

Am I being brainwashed? I am a woman of 32 years old. My husband (harlyman) does not believe me.

-- tired of worrying (, November 30, 1999.

Ole scratch, when's the last time you saw a do-do bird, a great auk, or a Carolina parakeet? Just because an animal is extinct, does'nt mean it never existed.

Harlyman, just apply what we know about Y2K to what we know about human nature in general. Consider political correctness, the veracity of our politicians and bureaucrats, and the forthrightness and selflessness of our corporate executives and their lawyers and I think you can arrive at a suitible conclusion. We are in heep deep merde.

-- doktorbob (, November 30, 1999.

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