DD REED Is she a big time huckster ???

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This a new thread carried forward because if DD is a fraud then what about the people at the soybean forum who said she is a "Big" consultant in the oil/gas business ???

Refer to http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=001qJ8

I sent the following e-mail to her and received nothing back so the email was delievered.

Hello Ms. DD Reed

Two weeks ago I sent you a SASE and a $10 dollar bill for the old fashion well drilling report as advertised by you at www.y2kclassifieds.com. The letter to you went to an address in Bandara, Texas. I did not write down the address because I saw it on y2kclassifieds.com and figured if any problem, just contact you again.

I have not recieved your report and y2kclassified is no longer online.

I got your email address by posting a question on Yourdon's TimeBombY2K forum.

Do you have any information for me ?

Thank You.

So it appears to me that she and her tribe are 'big time operators', and any thing she says should be taken with a spoon of salt. A cheap reminder for me.

-- Should have sent a check (Wanting@ xto Know.net), November 30, 1999


what makes u think that u sent the money to dd reed?

u sent the money to a scam.

before you accuse people of being hucksters or scam artists, be certain that you were dealing with who you think you were.

-- one (born@every.min), November 30, 1999.

Are you sure that DD Reed is the same as DD1st light? That was the handle of the oil insider who posted here

-- semper paratus (always@ready.now), November 30, 1999.

Should have, please address your concerns to Greg Caton at

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), November 30, 1999.

To one born late and semperton

Try reading the referenced thread before replying next time.

A & L

All it took was an e-mail back to me stating she knew nothing about it. I doubt that I was the only sucker to send money for one of her 5 reports. That could be the reason y2kclassifieds.com went off line.

Credibility about the potential problems with Y2K is why most of us are here. If any of you can tell me with certainty what will fail , I will listen.

But don't try to sell me any $10 indian reports.

-- Should have sent a check (Wanting@ xto Know.net), November 30, 1999.

Should have, have you gotten an eMail back from anybody? Hope you receive an answer. Anybody who asks that you send cash -- don't do it. Ever.

Sorry you experienced a loss.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), November 30, 1999.

I have the answer to all your problems, questions, and worries. I can send you all of this information in a FREE packet if you will just mail me a self addressed stamped envelope. (And $49.95 US cash for my expenses. Please send checks to:

Godless Scamming Heathen Behind the hot water pipes 3rd stall on the left, men's room Grand Cental Station, NY New York

-- Peter (RightnexttoGod@heaven.com), November 30, 1999.

That address in Bandera Texas is a real one.

I think she must have forgotten that her words and posts from 5 months ago would come back to haunt her?

We all have a history, we all leave a trail. (DD Reed, I know you're reading this, and I still have the results of: "The survey", on Y2Knews. Give those people their money back!)

Laura, single, female, and vulnerable...not anymore. Or have you forgotten?

-- (Ladylogic@aol.com), December 01, 1999.

To Ladylogic ... The survey you refer to from Y2Knews sounds mighty interesting. Please post the survey, every little bit of info pertaining to Y2K is important, especially at this late date when I am still undecided about the impact of this 'bug' and what I should spend a limited amount of money on in the next week or two. Thank you.

-- Should have sent a check (Wanting@ xto Know.net), December 01, 1999.

Take a step back with me Shoulda,

I may have jumped to conclusions last night.

I know that DD lives in Bandera because she participated in the survey I told you about (more on that in a moment). For that reason, I don't think someone used her name and address in a scam. However, that doesn't mean that she wasn't selling legitimate reports. I think it's possible that someone at the post office could have taken your cash. Furthermore, Y2KClassified could have folded for any number of reasons.

I think we are both having nascent thoughts regarding the commercialization/manipulation/and capitalization of Y2K, and trying to decide how much more to spend. Unfortunately, there's no way to know. The people that are generating income could geniunely believe there's a problem, and are simply making a living from it. Isn't that how a capitalist society works? On the other-hand, if someone is cashing in on this, and it's a scam, that would make them the most evil, nefarious people on earth, right? How long would they live next year? Too many people know where Yourdon, Reed, Hyatt, etc. live. Sorry, associate, I'm betting the problem is real and serious.

Here's the questions on the survey, and DD's answers:

1. What is your age.

DD - 50's

2. What is your education.

DD - Several degrees

3. What is your gender.

DD - Female

4. What is your nationality or race.

DD - Native American

5. What is your religious preference.

DD - Old ways of my people.

6. Do you live in a City, Small town, or Rural setting.

DD Small town

7. Are you an: employee, owner, or member of management.

DD - Owner

8. Have you ever been affected by a natural disaster?

DD - Yes

9. What incident made you believe computers will crash?

DD - I first had knowledge about 1800's info in 1976.

10. What part of the country/world do you come from?

DD - Bandera Texas

11. In your opinion, what will be the worst part of the crash?

DD - Gas...oil...everything!

12. Do you plan bugging out of your residence on 9-9-99 or 12-31-99?

DD - No

-- Laura (Ladylogic46@aol.com), December 01, 1999.

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