i was looking at a perfectly clear sky here in dc today with lots of planes up there and was thinking about how last week or so there were four planes together in the sky--all with trails?? there are just too many reports for this to be coincidental or for it to be routine flights.

is there anyone that has set up a database that captures date, time, location, type of plane, etc so that they can study if there is a pattern to these events. it seems to me that has to be done. it would be too hard to "sell" a conspiracy theory with just textual reports unless you have hard evidence of contracts, laboratories, etc.

-- tt (, November 30, 1999


How long would it take aerosol particulates to drop through the atmosphere from the height that the plane is flying?

What is activity of the stack of wind patterns between the plane and the ground?

-- Mitchell Barnes (, November 30, 1999.

It is a very strange and interesting place, but it is gathering reports and analysis of chemtrails. Search on contrails at:

Jim Rense's page archives strange "sightings".

Most likely scenario I've seen is the government is conducting/practicing "counter" bio-terrorism operations.

-- ng (, November 30, 1999.

The chemtrails are no theory. They are fact. There is hard data all over the net. Wake up before you find out you have been anthraxed. Which, no doubt, has already happened.

-- wide awake (, November 30, 1999.

tt- If you want to know more about these chemtrail happenings, this is the best place to go:

-- cryptkeeper- (, November 30, 1999.

DUH WIDE AWAKE! WHO GOT YOUR UNDERWEAR IN A KNOT. i have yet to see a web site that tracks data from chemtrail occurrances in an orderly fashion. it is one thing to protest, write letters, etc. but it is an entirely different matter to be able to write to a congressional rep and say "we have seen x number of trails, by this many planes, on these dates, and in these cities." or "houston was sprayed three times this month on these dates." HARD DATA LIKE THAT GIVES THEM SOMETHING TO TRACK EASIER!!! PLUS IT SHOWS THE IMMENSITY OF THE PROBLEM WITH VERY FEW WORDS!

-- tt (, December 01, 1999.

PLEASE take this elsewhere. The OT problem has gotten a bit out of hand, in my opinion. Meaningful threads scroll off the screen way too damn fast, in part, because of the wasted space taken up by stuff like this.

Please go to Frugal Squirrel's if you want to talk about this kind of thing...there's lots of people there who will be pleased to talk about this stuff.

-- Bill (, December 01, 1999.

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