Will not recognize key

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I have three questions. I am a new user ( 2 days) Why does my software suddenly stop recognizing the hardware key midway through a plot? Why does the opening screen say DEMO when I paid mega cash for this software? After paying mega cash for this software, why does it not come with a hardcopy manual or box for that matter ? I am in dire straits. I was told this would be the answer to my rip problems but it seems to be creating more.

-- Anonymous, November 30, 1999


If you keep having your key go missing during printing I would suggest you may have your LPT port set to ECP mode. These dongles are not ECP compatible. Try changing the port mode to see if this solves the problem. (If you are running Windows 95/98 you may need to check your BIOS settings as well). If you must run an ECP port, buy a second parallel interface card and put the Onyx key on this. You need to contact the dealer who sold you the software regarding the "DEMO" message, this software should not not have been sold to you in this mode and should have been supplied with hardcopy manuals (3 for Client/Server) versions.

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

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