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Bugging Out

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Thanks to a breaking story published by WorldNetDaily, the Y2K-aware members of the U.S. population now know that the President has plans to declare a national emergency on December 28th. (The rest of the country still doesn't know about this because the mainstream press has so far refused to report it.)

This declaration comes with one condition: that Y2K problems exceed the capacity of local emergency response resources. With FEMA revealing it can only handle 56 simultaneous problems nationwide, it appears this condition will be met very quickly.

Whether the day is actually the 28th is questionable. Now that the cat's out of the bag, they will likely change the day to further discredit WorldNetDaily and other Y2K-focused news organizations. Or they may change the name. Instead of calling it a "national emergency" the President might declare a "Y2K response week" or something similar, making it sound like a holiday. (That will explain the bank closings...)

Either way, the message is now clear: some type of emergency or disaster may be declared, granting government authorities new "rights" to bring in the military to handle Y2K problems. Under a national emergency, of course, the executive orders already in place grant the federal government full control over all supplies: food, medicine, vehicles, equipment, guns, ammunition, even labor. In other words, under this scenario, you can be legally be asked -- and required -- to turn over your "stuff." It's all for the good of the country, of course, to feed the people who refused to prepare.

This, by itself, is disturbing enough. Add to it the fact that the government is still not telling the people about these plans and you have an even bigger problem. By brainwashing the public into not preparing, the government is actually creating a situation that could lead to fear, panic, looting and other problems that justify the declaration of a national emergency. They've created this situation -- and now it appears they might use it to further expand government powers over the people.

There's nothing like an "emergency" to get the public to give up more rights.

Even more disturbing: the fact that the government apparently knows this is not a "three-day snowstorm scenario." If Y2K is solved -- if it's no big deal -- why do we need plans to declare a national emergency? Why have plans to deploy troops?

Fortunately, according to this article, the Dept. of Defense has urged field commanders to be "very cautious" about deploying troops to help with local Y2K emergencies. They are told not to interfere unless there is an immediate threat to life or property. However, it seems clear that condition will likely be met very early on.

There's one saving point here: if Y2K is, indeed, no big deal, none of this is likely to occur. If the problem is as small as they claim it to be, there will be fewer than 50 problems, no troops needed, no terrorism, no rioting, and no national emergency. This is the desired outcome. Pray for this outcome; even if it means the Y2K-aware people have been wrong. ...even if it means you have extra food sitting around on January 2!

But if we're right, this now means things are far more serious than we thought. Even a medium-case scenario is likely to stretch emergency response resources to the limit very quickly, resulting in a Presidential declaration of a national emergency. And under that order, anything goes. Nothing is off the books: gun confiscation, food confiscation, the suspension of elections, confiscation of gold and cash... you name it. It's all legal. In fact, we can't blame Clinton for a lot of this: these were legal, too, under many former administrations, including Reagan and Bush. Those Presidents, however, were probably far more reluctant to actually invoke emergency orders.


Frankly, the invocation of a "national emergency," if it happens, is probably very bad news. We urge all government officials reading this to urge your higher-ups to back away from this declaration. Why? Because it will be the final sign needed by every hard-core terrorist, anti-government group or "freedom fighter" to launch an all-out assault against government troops. It could actually spark a civil war or even a military coup.

Here's why: Clinton is widely distrusted by nearly half of Americans -- and especially by the military. Many people are familiar with the idea that under a national emergency, all rights are suspended, and most thinking people are at least a little uncomfortable transforming Clinton into a dictator (which the declaration would effectively do). Cries for civil unrest, open rebellion, and even outright resistance would be loud, indeed.

All this would only create more chaos and potential bloodshed. We don't need this. Y2K Newswire is in favor of peaceful government reform, not gun battles. Yet if Clinton declares a national emergency, it could actually motivate people to take up arms.

Make no mistake: there are probably a million Americans -- armed Americans -- who are close to this point right now. A declaration of "national emergency" and the unleashing of federal troops onto civilian streets would be the final straw for these folks. They would see this as an invading force or an attempted overtaking of the People by federal troops.

And the very first incident of bloodshed -- where federal troops blow away civilians in an armed clash -- would unleash even more anti-government sentiments. We're literally talking about the chemistry for a civil war here.

That's why this is potentially so dangerous and why Y2K Newswire urges the federal informants reading this to urge the White House to avoid a national emergency declaration. This is one case where the government overreaction can be far more dangerous than any public overreaction. BUGGING OUT

Given that a national emergency declaration now looks at least somewhat likely, we urge all Y2K Newswire members who live in a major city to consider leaving the city right after Christmas. If you can, head out on the 26th and stay away from any city until January 2. If you have a relative out in the country, make arrangements to go there. Shift some of your supplies to this country location, too, to make sure you have items at both locations.

Leaving on Dec. 26th gets you out of the city well ahead of the potential national emergency declaration. The President won't do this on Christmas, of course, and he only has until December 31, so the possible dates for declaring a national emergency are the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th. With the 28th now made public, it seems like the day would be moved to the 29th or the 30th.

Why be out of the city? Because under a national emergency, travel will likely be restricted. The cities are where federal troops will have to enforce the strongest restrictions -- that's where people can get out of control. Small, country towns will find their own order. The community-minded locals, most of who are armed, will take care of that. But in the cities, out-of-control mobs can easily overtake on-duty law enforcement personnel.

So the military must focus on cities. Being outside the city means you're outside the focus of military action. You'll also be outside the range of potentially dangerous mobs or Y2K-related infrastructure disruptions. For example, if a city loses power, it may become the most dangerous place on the planet until power is restored.


If you're in the city, and your supplies are securely stored away (hidden) right now, you might be safer to stay put. You'll have to make this decision based on your own situation. However, consider that this new revelation about the potential for a declaration of "national emergency" certainly alters the equation. It now appears more important to be out of the city from Dec. 26 - January 2. We provide four options for staying outside the city:

  • Go to a relative's house out in the country
  • Take the RV out to the country and live in it
  • Stay in a hotel out in the country
  • Go to a retreat or cabin out in the wood
  • We're going to talk about each one:

    Relative's house: This is, by far, the best strategy. First off, you can move some of your supplies to your relative's house ahead of time. This also helps prepare THEM for possible Y2K problems. Secondly, you're also keeping the family together during what may be a difficult time. The more people you have in one place, the more secure you'll be. If things get really out of hand, for example, people can take turns standing watch.

    Take the RV: Overall, this is a poor idea. For one thing, you're totally dependent on fuel and interstates. You also can't store a lot of supplies in most RVs. If you run out of fuel, you'll literally be stranded. And remember -- gasoline supplies are, in our opinion, likely to be disrupted. That could mean gasoline rationing.

    Stay in a hotel: Bad idea. You can't store anything there, for one thing. It's also expensive. Thirdly, you'll probably end up staying close to the Interstate -- a likely target for control by federal troops under any kind of emergency orders.

    Retreat to a cabin in the wood: Great idea... if you have one. This is a good strategy for several reasons. First, nobody is going to come looking for people out in the woods. The cities are where the action is. Second, you'll be well away from the interstates and other cities. Third, you can stockpile the cabin with basic supplies (just make sure nobody can break in and steal your supplies). This strategy also protects you from potential terrorism (nobody nukes the deep woods, they nuke cities...). Drawbacks: no electricity. Make sure you have a Baygen radio so you can stay tuned to radio broadcasts.

    Remember: these are temporary strategies. If nothing happens, simply return from your "vacation" and return to normal life on January 2. (Or, at least, as "normal" as it gets...) But if something bad does happen, stay put until the smoke clears. Only return after you're convinced things have cooled down.

    If the worst case happens, welcome to your new home in the woods. Start reading those "living off the land" books you hid under the floorboards... you'll be needing them!


    In previous articles, we've talked a little bit about preparing your vehicle for "bugging out." Here's more information: You'll need the basics: extra water, gasoline, heating supplies, sleeping bags, spare tools for on-the-spot repairs, extra car parts (spark plugs, belts, battery, etc.) a porta-potty, and so on. Our advice: don't bug out without some sort of firearm, even if it's a cheap shotgun packed in the trunk. Make sure you follow all applicable laws, and don't wave your gun around, but when you finally get to where you're going, you'll definitely want to have a firearm for protection (especially if you're out in the woods...)

    Today we got word from Revelation Arms that they have 18 portable food kits left, and it turns out these are perfect for supplying your bug-out vehicle with a high-variety supply that doesn't take up much space.

    These kits contain thirty #2.5 cans (like small coffee cans) that fit in two easy-to-pack cases. That's a thirty-day supply for one person. The small can size means you get high variety, which isn't possible if you try to load up the car with huge buckets of food. All the foods in this kit are dehydrated, as usual, so you'll need to bring along water to use them.

    These kits are $199 + $25 shipping from Revelation Arms. Call: 503-642-9066 to order directly from Roger (one of our recommended suppliers). There are 18 left right now. But with the announcement of the possibility of a "national emergency" these will probably be gone in two days. Roger told us he won't be stocking any more of these. (That's why he's selling them at a discount from the $215 retail price.)

    You can also make your own "bug out vehicle" food supply kit by buying some containers and filling them with food items you already have in #10 cans or buckets. This gets kind of tedious, though, and you end up with a lot of opened #10 cans, which ruins their shelf life.

    The hardest thing to transport in the car is water: it's difficult to carry enough! Make sure you also bring a water filter (so you can refill at a stream), an LED flashlight, spare rechargeable batteries, a solar battery charger, and personal hygiene items like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. We also recommend you bring along a portable colloidal silver generator for medical emergencies. (Revelation Arms, by the way, has the Gen-27 colloidal silver generator for $149.) Hopefully, by this time, you already have a colloidal silver generator as a "standard item" in your medical kit. If not, pick up one today, and pick up some extra silver, too.

    Important: have all this in your vehicle ahead of time, if possible. But if you live in a high-crime area, and you're afraid someone may break into your car just to steal supplies (very possible!), keep them in bags and boxes that you can move to the car in under five minutes. When you're ready to go, just stockpile the car and drive away. Have everything ready ahead of time, and make sure it all fits.


    As we've said before, make sure you have a route pre-planned. If you leave on Dec. 26th, you shouldn't run into any military roadblocks. In fact, at this point, the population may still be relatively clueless. So you should be able to travel without restriction.

    However, just in case, have an alternate route planned that avoids major interstates, toll bridges, tunnels, and other potential "checkpoints." Stick with the back roads, where possible, or use state roads.


    Above all, be safe. Remember, we're advocating the contemplation of these strategies as self-preservation strategies. Our #1 rule: avoid trouble. Don't cause it, avoid it. Don't hope for a gun fight just because you carry a really big gun. Do your best to steer clear of confrontation, and you'll likely survive Y2K just fine.

    Also, note that we're not predicting these events will definitely unfold. They are one possibility. In fact, they're the possibility we hope will NOT unfold. But preparedness means being prepared for all possible outcomes, and this one is certainly possible. So prepare for it, then hope you never need it.

    -- NewsBoy (, November 29, 1999


    Great, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    Y2knewswire quoting WorldNetDaily, can we fan the flames any higher?.

    "This declaration comes with one condition: that Y2K problems exceed the capacity of local emergency response resources. With FEMA revealing it can only handle 56 simultaneous problems nationwide, it appears this condition will be met very quickly. "

    Gee, so the prez WONT do it unless we have 56 major "theatres" going on. Why didnt good old Mike phrase it that way. Well it wont sell fear if he didnt hype up what WND already hyped up.

    I would love to see some truth from these people and not just playing with words so it scares the hell out of people who dont have the time to read it all.

    -- hamster (, November 29, 1999.

    I would surely not repeat this to anyone lest they have a bad opinion of the doomer mentality. I am not going to forget this, but I won't repeat it.

    -- Mara (, November 29, 1999.

    So where are these 1 million people with guns waiting for an excuse to start a "revolution"?!! We've been under a state of emergency for years; what's one more? Okay, dumb question. I just wanna know where the 1 million "revolutionaries" are so I can stay the heck away!

    Side note: Anyone else pick up on the double talk here? It started out like the 1 mill revolutionaries were a THREAT. Then it switched to the old we-don't-advocate-violence song and dance....

    If you don't advocate the revolutionaries as you described, then you would have chosen another route to convey your concern.

    Okay, maybe I'm niaive...Well, actually I am quite niaive and a bit stressed by this post.

    Feel free to enlighten me.

    -- Hokie (, November 29, 1999.

    NOT ME ! I plan to send this to a lout of a relative that lives in the city. He believes the government will not let any thing bad happen. I live in the country. I hope this will make him and his grasshopper wife loose a little sleep. I certainly will not let them come to my place after watching him snear this last year. KEEP the ANIMALS in the CITY !!!!!

    -- LongTimePrepper (, November 29, 1999.

    LOL Long Time!!!

    -- Hokie (, November 29, 1999.

    I believe this is one of the documents WorldNetDaily refers to in their article.

    DEPSECDEF Memorandum Subject: DoD Year 2000 (Y2K), Support to Civil Authorities

    It is in pdf format so you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it.

    This document is on the DON CIO Year 2000 Consequence Management website.

    Read it for yourself and make up your own mind. The more facts the better, IMHO.

    -- Pete (, November 29, 1999.

    I decided long ago that I would leave my urban home for a country setting shortly before Christmas for many of the same reasons outlined here. That was long before I had ever heard of Y2Knewswire.

    Yes, it is an extreme measure in the polly view of things, but I think it's a prudent precaution. If rollover occurs with no infrastructure damage to speak of. I'll come back and go to work. Big deal.

    -- Dog Gone (, November 29, 1999.


    I checked your first link. What is TPFDD, and why is 60 days called "early execution"? (p.3 paragraph under "Priority 2)

    -- Hokie (, November 29, 1999.


    TPFDD refers to rotation for overseas duty - for example to Bosnia for Peacekeeping assignment ... etc.

    The 60 days refer to the time immediately prior to deployment, when the unit will be very busy getting ready to leave.

    -- hiding in plain (sight@edge. of no-where), November 29, 1999.

    Thank you sir:)

    -- Hokie (not@overit.yet), November 29, 1999.

    You are most entirely welcome ... :-)

    -- hiding in plain (sight@edge. of no-where), November 29, 1999.

    OK, so somebody please tell me how, with all the downsizing in our military, Willie and gang are gonna put troops in every city of this nation and lock it down. I live in a community of 15,000 and the guard unit here would be lucky to secure Walmart, much less the entire city. Ain't happenin' I'm afraid. BTW, I'm not a Polly or DGI. I have prepped but something tells me this action isn't feasable. They are now sweating a third theatre overseas.

    -- Rob (, November 29, 1999.


    An easy way to extinguish a fire is to let in burn in on itself.

    They don't have to put people in every city in the nation -- only the ones in which there are power outages or riots or food distribution problems.

    If you actually read the article you'll note that the author talks about closing off major highway acesses. Doesn't take much to close off an on ramp -- two vehicles and 4 men per ramp, multiplied by 4 per exit = 16 men and 8 vehicles per interstate exit. Suppose there are 20 exits per interstate in each state -- that means the entire interstate across one state could be closed off using 320 men and 160 humvees.

    National guard can do that easily. With a lot of people left over to close off any city that really is a problem. Keep the disease of disorder contained.

    That clears the highways for trucks pulling generators, for troops to calm the natives, and for food distribution. That's all you need for an emergency. It only bothers those people who are caught in the cities and want out and who don't have plans to get out early.

    -- time to (, November 29, 1999.

    Basically already told this all to my sister who lives in the heart of Orange County a week ago. Not all that hard nor expensive to prepare. Told her to have a bag packed, just essential clothing. She would need to buy enough gas cans and have them filled to get her about 350 miles to our house. Some bottles of water, some snack food, and she needed to have planned three alternate routes to get out of the state. All supplies should be right in the garage waiting to be loaded into the car. She's lived there a long time and should know many back roads. Learned a lot by listening to what had happened with the recent hurricane evacuations. She seemed to hear what I said, but never know, it was my last ditch attempt at being a caring sister.

    -- claurann (, November 30, 1999.

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