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I believe there's a newspaper in Chertsey, called the "News and Mail".

Do you know if there's an email address for it or it's editor, or failing that, a postal address?

Thanks : )

-- Steve (, November 29, 1999



I think this is probably referring to The Woking News and Mail series of newspapers (also read in Chertsey: ).

The address and telephone number can be found from a search of, with results for Newspapers in Chertsey being at:

Details of which local newspapers are the most popular in different towns can be found through a search on The Joint Industry Committee for Regional Press Research website at:

Click on Location on the bottom menu bar and then type in the appropriate town name. The only limitation with this system is that it isn't possible to see which newspapers are delivered free (i.e. Informer, Leader/Guardian, Review) and which are paid for (i.e. Herald, Advertiser, News and Mail, Herald).


Philip Broad

-- Philip Broad (, December 01, 1999.

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