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Does anyone make an HO scale model of the SAL SW-2 Switcher (red and black paint scheme), as seen in William Griffins book? an were these switchers used all over the SAL Lines? Thank You. Brian

-- Brian Russell Stokes (, November 29, 1999


You can still find some of them in the hobby shops. I still have mine from Kato. They made two of them #1410, #1412. I believe I saw one of them in a store here in South Florida. If you like I can check for you. Nick Biangel 24 July 01

-- Nick Biangel (neb6@bellsouth.ney), July 24, 2001.

There is no such thing as an "SW2",maybe you mean NW2.Kato produced SAL NW2's.I don't know if they are still avaiable.

-- Joseph Oates (, November 29, 1999.

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