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I would much appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this lens. Especially how it compares with the non XL version Thanks in advance YA Sinclair

-- Yaakov Asher Sinclair (, November 29, 1999


I have this lens. It's a great lens. For shots that require lots of rise, you can notice some slight softening as you approach the edge of the image circle, but this is expected. My only complaints are that the lens is big...95mm filter size for the front element, the rear element is so large you need to unscrew the ring that the rear cap slips over to fit it into a Technika board, and the center filter is a large 95mm to 110mm Schneider IVa (expensive!), which touches the bottom of the front frame of the compendium shade, making it a little more difficult to position. I have used a 95mm circ PL on the lens with the center filter stacked on it (although not recommended, as it might vignette the image circle) w/ no problems. I haven't used the non-XL version.

-- James Chow (, November 29, 1999.

I have been very impressed with my XL. But I do agree with the previous post in regards to the filter size. This is a big lens. If you have any intention of packing your gear around much, I would look for a smaller lens. The XL has wonderful coverage for a 90mm lens, but if you don't need it, go smaller.

-- Josh Root (, December 02, 1999.

I agree with the previous answers, this lens is a biggie!! Have you thought about the 110 Super Symmar XL, it is a newer design than the Super Angulon and is capable of much sharper results, more importantly it is much more compact in both size and weight and it uses smaller filters (less expensive), 67mm on the front and 52mm on the rear. The difference in image size when compared to the 90mm is negligible and the quoted image circle at f22 is 288mm compared to 259mm with the 90mm lens. Schneider are conservative with these figures as the lens does appear to offer greater coverage than this!! I recently bought the 110 XL and am "over the moon" with it!!!! Regards Paul.

-- Paul Owen (, December 09, 1999.

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