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We are, my family, definately in the end game now. Money is tight but still there are things we feel we must do and buy in these last few days before the 'bump in the road'. Can't seem to go into town and walk into a hardware or grocery store and not leave with something for our preps.

Yesterday I brought 2 more bags of chicken feed and 2 bags of rabbit feed. One room in the barn will soon be full with chicken and rabbit feed. Another room will soon have many bags of dog food. Two rooms now have many buckets of wheat and corn. Since Y2K will be a bump in the road thats a lot of chicken feed.

My wife took our older son to town this afternoon for his sunday chello lesson. She returned with several cases of canned food, coffee, tea bags and tang for the boys.

My wife was looking out the window this morning and saw 5 deer, does, and a minute later a buck move accross our back pasture. I took a break from working outside and went to the back pond with a large grub worm our oldest boy found while moving barn tin. Got a heavy hit but lost the bait. Probably a good thing I had only one worm, otherwise I might have spent the rest of the afternoon at the pond.

Rabbits are not something that we've raised before and I am having a hard time trying to determine when a doe is ready to mate. I know, don't say it, my wife has to kick me awake on occasion when I go to bed and go straight to sleep. Anyway moving right along.

I am noticing more and more people in our area who are preparing for this non event. They seem to be mostly to little people, not managers or IT types. I geuss it makes sence now that I think about it. Why would someone with a masters prepare for a non event. After all they are the ones who read Time and Newsspeak and watch CNN and talk to their stockbrokers often. Maybe I do need to go back to college, again.

My wife was helping our 12 year old do community work at the animal shelter and saw a young Portaguese (sp), hey I'm a redneck and shouldn't be expected to spell correctly, Pointer that she had to have. Don't know why as she dosn't hunt and neither do I. Well now we have this pointer thing that wants to point and retrieve our chickens, rabbits, geese and guineas. The chain thingy seems to be working so far but in case it fails I am in need of advise on how to cook and serve pointer.

Well I could talk for hours about this upcoming non event and what we are doing to prepare for nothing but I know you good folks would much rather hear about something. Will sign off for now.

P.S. will be watching T.V. the night of the 31st. If the screen goes blank at 12:01 then I will know that nothing happened.

-- Ed (, November 28, 1999


Great post, Ed! thanks....

-- joe (, November 28, 1999.

Hey Ed, enjoyed reading your post, I'm also getting ready for the bump in the road. I try to stay out of the stores now, my wife thinks I've lost my mind. My garage is full of food, gear and water. I feel the bump will be a lot bigger than most folks thi

-- david westberry (, November 28, 1999.

Enjoyed the post also Ed. Anytime you want to update us, please feel free.

We'll the light on for you. (at least for the next month or so)

-- the Virginian (, November 28, 1999.

dang, should have written We'll LEAVE the light on for you.

-- the Virginian (, November 28, 1999.

Not for nothing, as we New Yawkers like to say, but I'm a masters (MBA), read the NY Times today, like CNN and Newsweek, and, except for the Portuguese Pointer and said rabbits, prepared:no longer a New Yawker, 6 miles from the closest fire hydrant, surrounded by thousands of land trusted acres, well, I won't go into personal preps because the longer I'm outside planting seeds, chopping and stacking wood, dragging that buck, scouting those turkeys, checking my pick-me-up truck, well, this neck keeps getting redder and redder. The Moshulu Parkway and West Side Drive seem like visions from some Stephen King movie. Oh, it may all turn out badly; Lord, please spare us. Meanwhile, no sunscreen.

-- Tishaminga (, November 28, 1999.

2 or 3 geese on the property would educate that pointer in a hurry.

-- Tom Carey (, November 28, 1999.


It's been a LONG time, but as I recall, a doe rabbit is ready to mate when you put her in with the buck and he mounts her. The breeding makes her ovulate. So just decide when you want those babies and work backwards on the calendar and introduce them on the desired date.

-- mostlylurking (mostlylurking@podunk.texas), November 28, 1999.

I'll take that pointer off your hands.... particularly if it's a german shorthair.

-- lisa (, November 29, 1999.

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