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I'm currently thinking of setting my PC up to make my own VCD's my PC is as follows AMD K6-2 300 64MB ram 6.4GB HD 16MB graphics, etc etc i've got a CD-R drive in mind, and am now wondering what capture device to use, what will give me as good results as you see on commercial VCD's... at a reasonable price?

-- Ian N (ian.norton@btinternet.com), November 28, 1999


Some guys from the shops told me Optibase made the best VCD ready real time capture/encoder card. Cost around 2000USD or less. The shop says its customer made pre-press master disc for licensed movie. Else, just get a good AVI capture card (interm of colour/image ) and use LSX Encoder 3 from www.ligos.com. After long hours, you will get your VCD.

-- Rusman Priyana (priyana@eudoramail.com), November 29, 1999.

Mr Priyana is right about the Optibase. You can get away with real- time with okay images about 80% of the time, however, with something a bit cheaper (but not that much cheaper): MPEGator from Darim, which has PCI and USB versions. Other than this get a good vidcap card (like Matrox Marvel G400), capture to half- or quarter-res, then encode with LSX or Panasonic. After 10 to 20 hours for a two-hour video, you can start authoring your VCD with Nero or Easy CD Deluxe.

-- EMartinez (epmartinez@hotmail.com), November 29, 1999.

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