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I printed out the info on the Eco Oven and stove, that Karen Anderson suggested. The unit is a bit pricey, tho it would be nice to be able to bake in a prolonged power outage. I would appreciate it if anyone who has used them would let us know if they are worthwhile----especially the oven. And how do you control the heat.....the literature says one can of the Eco fuel will bake at 450 degrees- which is hotter than most foods require. Much obliged for any info. from an actual user. (The company's website is for anyone wanting to look it up.) They show the units in color.

-- Jo Ann (, November 28, 1999


a long time ago when i was considering them--i saw lots of whining about them on the michaelhyatt bb. made me change my mind because they were expensive and because so many folks had talked about how the fuel had leaked in transit and after they got it. made me decide to stick with my camp stove and buy an oven for it. plus i also have some of the restaurant sterno-type products (for smaller jobs). you can buy 24 large cans for $10 at price costco.

-- tt (, November 28, 1999.

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