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I am looking for a radio that I can monitor broadcasts from around the world. The ICOM PCR-1000 looks like it may have potential with a unqique idea of a plug-in module to a computer or laptop. Does anyone have any experience or comments about this unit, or comments in general on monitoring Y2K news from around the world?



-- Keith Nealy (, November 28, 1999


Sorry on that one but in case there are power problems I purchased the Baygen wind up radio with short wave and antenna. Crank for 30 seconds get an hour of broadcast seemed good to me.

-- Susan Barrett (, November 28, 1999.

If you think the Net will stay up or mostly up (three hours a day is enough), you could try Expensive but very cool.

Ham rig with back-up power is best.

-- At Least We're (Connected@Right.Now), November 28, 1999.

I'm sure the Icom PCR 1000 is a great unit to use with a laptop. I've thought about getting one myself. I own an Icom R8500 table-top unit..and it's a magnificent wide-band receiver. I also have a wind-up Baygen (doesn't everybody?) and about eight other shortwave radios. It's a great hobby.

Good places on the net to shop for radios: and Both are good firms.

For anyone new to shortwave listening, know that even a fairly inexpensive radio can give you great reception if you have a good antenna. Without going into detail, a good antenna is an outside high as possible, as long as possible and well-grounded -- both to improve recpetion and protect your radio...and you!

Good luck!

-- joe (, November 28, 1999.

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