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Many months ago saw discussion of pressure cooker that has no gasket... "American something" brand?? Thought they would be easy to find... have the cash now but no info...have tried all the stores I can think of... any help would be appreciated.

-- french chef (, November 27, 1999


I picked up one at an auction for about $10.00. It's an oldie, probably from the 30's, but it works great. Partial label says All-American. You might try advertising on radio or in the paper. Probably still lots of them in basements.

-- gotone (, November 27, 1999.

Having read several testimonials from very happy users, I bought one, this past month. The manufacturer will sell them to you directly. They give a choice of seconds, too, if you wish to save a few dollars. You can call them at 920-682-8627 or fax at 920-682-4090. They will send you out literature showing the asstd. models and sizes, incl. other products. The company is Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, Inc. 838 South 16th St., P.O. Box 246, Manitowoc, Wisc. 54221-04246

I had a beautiful pressure canner, but even with a new gasket, I couldn't open the durn thing, so when I read how writers to this forum praised this company's cooker/canners, I decided to try one. Anyone can open this kind! Thanks to your writers who cued me in!

-- Jo Ann (, November 28, 1999.

Lehman's sells them.

-- Tim Jacob (, November 28, 1999.

First check with the mfgr. I believe their prices are cheaper than Lehman's, and they have many sizes to choose from. Lehman's have only one size.

-- Jo Ann (, November 28, 1999.

The Wisconson Alum Foundry product is the best. Have had my 19 quart capacity cooker for over ten years. Use it regularly - just finished yesterday putting up 36 qts of turkey soup.

-- Mitchell Barnes (, November 30, 1999.

i too can vouch for all-american, had one for many years and it works great, my mother-in-law's had one for fifty years.

i had no idea they had seconds available, might go ahead and buy a backup. (actually, would have to be a second backup. my mother-in- law's is my first backup)

-- Cowardly Lion (, November 30, 1999.

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