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I received this pink notice with my monthly AFDC payment check.

I will type the entire notice here:

From: Solano County Health and Social Services Oct. 1999

Y2K Important Notice

How can you avoid problems with your CASH, Medi-Cal & Food Stamps in January 2000?

1st....Complete and return your Income Report to your Worker by the 11th day of the month in November 1999 and December 1999. If we ask you to give us information, please give it to us immediately, so your benefits can be determined before the end of the month.

2nd....Keep all sceduled appointments with your Eligibility Worker. Make sure that you DO NOT miss a Renewal or Recertification Appointment in November or December 1999.


Keep several gallons of drinking water on hand.

Have some cash available. (ATM machines may not work)

Have some food available that can be prepared without gas or electric stoves.

If you own a car, fill it with gas before DECEMBER 31, 1999.

Make sure your family has a working flashlight in the house.

Make sure you have warm clothes and bankets available.

Local power and water service may be interrupted as a result of Y2K. You and your family can avoid problems by following the precautionary steps outlined above.

End of Notice.

If you don't believe this, I'll provide you with my eligibility worker's phone number here in northern can verify it yourself. And before you judge me for being on public assistance... walk a mile in my 51 yr old shoes with 5 young children to care for completely by myself...for the last 6 yrs. She left me when my business failed and moved to another state to hook up with a fresh sugar daddy....and we get zero child support. As a former entrepreneur who payed taxes for 25 yrs and thumbed my nose at those needing help....I am now eating lots of fresh "crow"....

I am almost finished with my MCSE certification from Microsoft and will finally be able to afford $1000/mo. childcare for my little ones so I can "afford" to go to work...unless Y2k changes our lifestyle for good.

At least our county is being somewhat responsible to those in it's care regarding prep for Y2K. Last visit to the local office I noticed the same notice I copied above posted on the bulletin an enlarged version for all to read!


-- jba (, November 27, 1999


Best of luck, jba. Keep those kids warm.

-- (normally@ease.notnow), November 27, 1999.

jba - thanks very much for the post. We have just our two boys and I can very well understand the value of a solid two parent family. I am very thankful for my wife, she is the best one could ask. As I mentioned in another post when she was asked if she was preparing for Y2K she answered no she was a survivalist. I do hope you bump into that right person. Best wishes.

-- Ed (, November 27, 1999.

So much for the fingercrossing, THEY won't let it happen, IT's not a problem, Don't worry, IT's all in your head, Y2KOK, Chichen little, mantras.

Let's just send them over to the homes of the folks at Debunkers forum to eat, keep warm, dry the eyes of hungry, crying children. I'm sure they'll feed 'em but it probably won't taste like food. "Oh, your just imagining that pain in your stomach. Just think of a warm sunny beach in Hawaii, it will warm you up. It won't last for more than three days!! You can tough it out for three days can't you?"

-- Michael (, November 27, 1999.

How can anyone polly now with all the OFFICIAL notification we are getting? Today's NYTimes story on the city's preps says sooo much. I dare any polly to read that and think all is well.

jba, best to you. It sounds as if you're a good dad. Life does have a lot of funny turns to it.

-- Mara (, November 28, 1999.

Best to you jba. Glad you shared with us.

-- Linda A. (, November 28, 1999.

jba - thanks for posting the notice. File it under "Too little, too late." I wish all the best for you and the kids. I'm very worried about all those on any type of public assistance. I remember well Gray Davis looking ashen gray right after he took over as gov. and realized how little had been done on Y2K under Squeaky Pete.

Check out How to Survive and Prosper During the Y2K Crisis -- Without Leaving Town...Stay home, stay safe, and live well

-- Linda (, November 28, 1999.

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