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I was going through my tips book that I put together and came across this great idea. I don't know who to attribute it to and apologize if this has already been discussed, but thought it might be helpful.

Note: Solar Cooking in a Wheelbarrow, prepare dinner at breakfast time when the day is over 23 degrees Celsius.

1. Wash out the wheelbarrow, then line with aluminum foil.

2. Select a sheet of glass to cover the top of the barrow.

3. Position in a sunny spot.

4. Place potatoes and veggies into a Dutch oven with lid and put them in the wheelbarrow on a couple of bricks, replace the glass, fried egg in a small pie dish (took about 20 minutes), a chocolate cake, shortbread.

The Christmas Cake mentioned, took 2 days as it wasn't that hot, but was still tasty.

When setting it up, wear sunglasses as light reflects off the foil, wear oven mittens as it gets vey hot. Also recommended is an oven thermometer so you can gauge the temperature correctly.

-- Sammie (, November 27, 1999


what a hoot! good one. i will share it. and here i bought a sun oven. shame on me!!!!!!!! although it does have that nifty little tilt shelf?

-- tt (, November 27, 1999.

Only thing wrong with the sun oven, which I like and own, is that the guy who bought the company turned out to be a real "alpha hotel". Fine medium size oven; it's fed me very well.

Interesting concept on the wheelbarrow. One of the things I like about solar cooking is that's had to go wrong. Put a sheet of glass onto of a cardboard box on a sunny day and you have an just gets better when you add insulation, reflectors, etc. Had some solar cooked cresent rolls with dinner.

-- Don Kulha (, November 27, 1999.

That makeshift solar oven would also be handy for pasteurizing water. Get a little $5.00 WAPI pasteurization indicator so you know the water has reached the right temp. (it doesn't have to boil).

For more info see: and do a search for "pasteurization".

Lots more info there on making simple solar ovens, water purification devices, solar cooking, etc.

-- Linda (, November 30, 1999.

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