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I am contracting for the letter grade - A. I propose two year-long projects.

Project #1 will be to maintain the Cohort newspaper column, "Living To Learn" and to encourage cohort members to stay committed. I will also attempt to recruit new writers. In addition, I will write two articles for the column - one per semester.

Project #2 will be focused on my year-long service and involvement in a new leadership program for youth targeting grades 7-9. The program is funded by the Blandin Foundation and will begin in December 1999 with a weekend retreat followed by monthly meetings. The final celebration will be in June. I will write a mid-year summary and final report on the program.

-- Anonymous, November 27, 1999


Hi Karen, It was nice to catch up with you last evening and, my how time changes things. I am very happy that you can join your husband as life is short! Your proposal is certainly right on target. I will bring the letter for your files with me on the 5th of January and look forward to that session. Take care and enjoy the holidays! Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 16, 1999

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