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Not too long ago our local paper carried a front page story with a large headline, "THE BIG ONE." The story was about disaster preparedness in our county, and how the authorities could rig up field hospitals for victims from a Bay Area earthquake. The story said that this scenario had been rehearsed back in the '50s. But, the story also said that the county could put up to 10,000 refugees in shelters.

Now, read between the lines for Y2K. Our county has a population of about 180,000. Does this mean the shelters are reserved for gov't workers and their families and the other 170,000 are shipped out, left to die, or?

But I'm wondering if anyone else has heard anything about plans for the population in your neck of the woods.

-- johno (, November 27, 1999


During the great ice storm up here, people tended to group together in one house which then became an 'ad hoc' shelter. After a few days, the authorities began to treat them somewhat the same as regular shelters, supplying them with food, generators, etc.

-- John (, November 27, 1999.

Our county's emergency management agency has four shelters ready to take in 200 people each. Population's 186,000. At a local meeting the EMA rep said, "That's why we're here, telling you to prepare, because you'll pretty much be on your own."

Got a Plan B?

-- Faith Weaver (, November 27, 1999.

My Plan A and B is to stay put with my children and husband. An earthquake is a centralized disaster where resources from neighboring counties can be drawn from. We saw surrounding communities and neighborhoods work together to get things back to normal. Y2K will be different in that it will affect everyone if the power is out for days. Everything will shut down and it will be every man for himself. The food and water will eventually run out, people will die no doubt about it. The logistics of taking care of 10,000 is mind boggling. Those 10,000 could have done something to take care of themselves. Now they will become a burden and the aftermath will not be a pretty sight. Who will control the mob?

-- bardou (, November 27, 1999.

No sweat--just stay at a motel with a free continental breakfast

-- (ready@rockand.roll), November 27, 1999.

Thanks, ready, the motel/cont-breakfast option had completed slipped my mind. I'm making my reservation soon's I'm off this computer!

Logistics. I talked to our local Red Cross director last Feb. She was going to speak at a meeting I had organized.She was telling me all about the RC shelters. I asked if she had food stored. SHe told me "No." And that you couldn't store food. I began to explain about food storage and she told me that bugs got into the grain and canned food could make you sick or kill you.

When I asked her how the food would get here to her shelters she told me the trucks would bring it. I pointed out that trucks may not be running. She gave me a look like I was the biggest dope in California.

This RC director went on to tell two people I know that I was a fearmonger, because in my public meetings I talked about the Senate report etc.

But where will the food come from? Red Cross magic?

Bardou, you would appreciate Cynthia Beals remarks (via Tom Atlee) if you haven't seen them click on
-- johno (, November 27, 1999.

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