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Comedy Network searches for worst joke

TORONTO (CP) - The Comedy Network is betting others are fed up with millennium fever, too. So as part of its Kiss Your Sorry Ass Goodbye Y2K campaign, the specialty channel wants to send one of its viewers to Hell.

Here's how it works. Viewers are being asked to submit a video of them telling what they feel is the worst, most hellish joke of the millennium. Three finalists will be selected and aired next month, after which viewers can phone or e-mail in their favourite.

The winner will be announced Dec. 17 on Open Mike With Mike Bullard and will get a free trip for two to the Grand Cayman Islands - where the village of Hell really exists.


Here's my entry: Hillary is out jogging aroung the White House track with Secret Service agents on a snowy, late November morning. She spots some yellow snow which spells out "Hillary sucks". Fearing for her safety, she asks the agent to take a sample and have it analyzed.

The agent returns later that day and says "I've got bad news and worse news". Hillary braces for the bad news. "The sample is from your husband".

She lets it sink in for a minute, then asks for the worse news.

"It's Monica's handwriting".

-- Steve (, November 27, 1999

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