Woohoo! Broken pirated *hardware* fix being sold!

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I wonder how many poor bastards will be on their backs on the floor seeing stars in two months? From: bchong@blueskyinnovations.com (Benedict Chong)

Newsgroups: comp.software.year-2000

Subject: Warning : Pirated Version of Y2K Fix Does NOT Work

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 06:11:10 GMT

Message-ID: <383ed2e6.6839976@news.newsguy.com>

We are the developers of a Y2K product called Y2000 Pro. It is a PC add-on card with an on-board software to resolve Y2K issues in the PC BIOS. It has come to our attention that there is a pirated version of this product that is being sold in several countries including the USA, Belgium and Australia. The pirated version is called Millennium Pass and is manufactured illegally in China. Millennium Pass is a byte-for-byte exact copy of a beta version of Y2000 Pro that was brought to the CEBIT computer exhibition earlier this year for evaluation by potential distributors. Only the copyright message has been changed to "Millennium Pass". The beta version of Y2000 Pro that Millennium Pass is copied from has two limitations : 1. There are several bugs which will crash some commercial Y2K test utilities. 2. THERE IS A HARDCODED EXPIRY MECHANISM IN THE EVALUATION VERSION THAT WILL RENDER THE SOFTWARE INOPERATIVE SOMETIME IN JANUARY 2000. This will render the PC non-Y2K compliant. We therefore strongly advise all purchasers of Millennium Pass to return the product and ask for a refund. They have purchased a product that does NOT perform as advertised and will put their data at risk. Furthermore, the Millennium Pass product is completely unsupported. There is absolutely no technical expertise behind a pirated product. Users concerned about the Y2K-capability of their PC should instead purchase fully supported products like Y2000 Pro, Unicore Software's Millennium Pro, AMI's Y2K Enabler Card, Evergreen Technologies' Year 2000 Upgrade card or any one of a large number of software-only solutions from McAfee, Phoenix Technologies and other companies. BlueSky Innovations will not be responsible or liable for any lost of data, income or profit as a result of the sale or use of an illegal copy of its Y2000 Pro product. Benedict Chong

General Manager bchong@blueskyinnovations.com BlueSky Innovations LLC

2530 Berryessa Road, #321

San Jose, CA 95132 (408) 605 1619 www.blueskyinnovations.com

-- Ron Schwarz (rs@clubvb.com.delete.this), November 27, 1999



good posting, wonder how many of those have been sold?

-- Dian (bdp@accessunited.com), November 27, 1999.

Dian -- good question, and scary to contemplate!

-- Ron Schwarz (rs@clubvb.com.delete.this), November 27, 1999.

Of course this thing was never going to work, look at the name. It's called Year2000 Pro, or: Y2K Pro. Hmmmmm.....

I know I wouldn't put something with that name into my PC.


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), November 27, 1999.

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