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Shopping at Lowes' (Hardware Store) here in Southeast Missouri.

Lots of generator sets on the floor. (The gen sets weren't available earlier in the year) Large display of Kero heaters, Kero in 10 gal cans and plastic Kero containers.

One guy with flat bed cart, genset, 2 kero heaters, kero, kero, and more kero.

Another asking about gen sets. Store employee "that's our best and quietest, we have been selling a lot of them."

While I do not believe that the herd is starting to move, at least some people are starting to move.

I've had people at church ask about gen sets, I always ask whether they have food and water, that comes first. Then how important is power to you? Most are getting one to run the well pump which is a good reason to have one. To keep your fridge running and watching TV are not good reasons. If you want to keep the fridge cool then put it outside.

Any other observations from the genset front?

-- LM (, November 26, 1999


Generator to operate sump as needed to keep basement from flooding.... also once a week hot shower for all..... washing machine once a week, clean clothes... That is the reason for the generator we have purchased.

-- tom (, November 26, 1999.

I, too, have recently seen generators for sale at the local mega-hardware store, along with >floor safes<, a very curious item to have prominently displayed at a "home improvement center." (They've also got pallets of hand-cranked flashlights.)

-- rather have solar (, November 27, 1999.

Haven't bought a generator and have absolutely no plans to. Live in an out of the way subdivision in a densely populated suburb of Dallas. We have non-electric heat sources. I don't really care whether I can use the fridge or my curling iron or what-not. Really don't want to attract people w/the generator.

Don't have a well, either.

-- preparing (, November 27, 1999.

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