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I need some information on a large format lens. The following info is printed on the lens:

G. Leitmeyr Munchen No 88121 - Doppel - Anastigmat Sytar 1:6.3 f-30cm

I know it is a 300 mm lens with an aperature of f6.3 -f32. I think it is German based on the name. I would love to know vintage, image making characteristics (for B&W) and coverage (will it cover 8X10). Thanks for any info you may be able to provide.

-- Ron Lawrence (, November 26, 1999


Ron: I just ran across your question from November and may be too late to answer it, but here goes. The Leitmeyer is a German lens as you suspected. Doppel anastigmat means double anastigmat, which means it is well corrected for anastigmatism, which plagued early lenses. I believe the lens was made in the early part of this century, probably before the 1930s. The 300 mm is about 12 in. focal length, and should cover 8x10 with a little room for movements. The 12 in. focal length is standard for 8x10. It should be a decent lens, though probably uncoated. If it is coated, it probably dates from the late 1930s to early 1940s. I will try to be more specific if I can find it in some of my old books, if you want that information. I think you have a good, but older lens. Doug Paramore

-- Doug Paramore (, December 18, 1999.

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