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Jerusalem Braces for Syndrome Surge in Millennium


"Jerusalem's main psychiatric clinic said Thursday it expected a surge in admissions among millennium pilgrims struck by a syndrome that convinces some people that they are characters from the bible."

-- hamster (, November 26, 1999


any bets that KOS challenges "Mary Magdalene" to a mudwrestling match?

-- Billy-Boy (, November 26, 1999.

That's just silly. You don't magically become schizophrenic due to y2k!!! There is a long chain of criteria, as well as warning signs which can sometimes be traced back all the way to childhood. Schizophrenics are already Napolean, Je_us, and Shirley McClain, with or without y2k. Hype does not have the power to induce schizophrenia, IMHO.

-- Hokie (, November 26, 1999.

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