Did anyone else hear Kosky This Morn?

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...Or are you all still asleep?

This morning at around 0600, in the -vain- attempt to get out of the fartsack for work, my radio had commentary from none other than "The Man", GranD Master-Spin Ko-skin-em. It was, and unfortunately due to a 'turkey hangover' difficult to make out the first part of the statement, but according to his Kosky-ship, he stated that "now was the time to begin preparing for Y2K, to insure that you have the medications you need, food and water...yaddayaddayadda blather blather." He also stated that it would be wise to have up to two weeks of food and water on hand What I found so interesting was this was the first time I have heard anything like Kosky actually having a statement brodcast on the local news-radio (or anything else for that matter) I live up -somewhere- in New England, +/- 100 miles from Boston Mass, and thusfar the local Y2K issues have been dead in the water around here. Even bringing up Y2K is opening up a subject for dirision and scorn by friends and neighbors, hell even family are Extreme DWGI's. Has anyone else heard this statement? It was on WBZ 1030AM. I'm just curious...we all thought taht the "herd mentality" would begin -sometime- after Thanksgiving...I wonder if this could be the trigger?

-- Billy-Boy (Rakkasan@yahoo.com), November 26, 1999


Hi Billy, thanks for the post. Now please tell me you're joking. "Three day storm" to two weeks is a pretty big jump to make at this stage. How high is he going to go on this? Can you see a situation where sometime in mid-December, he jumps to a month, two months, or even more?

Someone please tell me that this was a hoax call that got on air...

-- Colin MacDonald (roborogerborg@yahoo.com), November 26, 1999.

Mornin' Colin.

No Joke, the worst thing was this wasn't a call per say but sounded like a 'sound byte' from one of the numerous statements that dirtbag has made. The local guy sounded like he lost his stride after the intial playing of it. I rarely get upset by the news, but this one bothered me. Besides, if you reallly track the way Kosky's been playing this,

1) First it was "Y2K will Not be an Issue!"

2) Then "Y2K will be like a 3 day storm"

3) Next, "Prepare for Y2K as if it was a long holiday weekend" (is thatnow a 3 day or 4 day weekend?)

Now I'm hearing (unless suffering from a delusional LSD flashback)"Make sure you have enough meds,food and water for 1 to 2 weeks!"

Do you see a pattern emerging? I think I can, and Nosir, I don't Like it! Rut Roh Raggy!

Got Preps?

-- Billy-Boy (Rakkasan@yahoo.com), November 26, 1999.

The same thing has been happening with the tone of articles in the oil markets. I can also tell you that this is now fully catching the eyes of slow senior management and traders everywhere.

As you will recall it took a while for it to sink in on you. It's only a matter of time before the "bleeding edge press" get turned loose to do a few high profile scare stories. I think Johnny and Billy now realize they've put everyone to sleep. They're gonna have a hard time waking them.

Where's Scooby when we need him?

-- Gordon (g_gecko_69@hotmail.com), November 26, 1999.

Gordo, future reference...Don't refer to "That Man" by my name on my posts at least...he's brought dishonor and shame to all of us who retain the name 'William'. It's enough to make me wish for a different handle...

-- Billy-Boy (Rakkasan@yahoo.com), November 26, 1999.

Kosky and his la la team just found out about the embedded thingie

-- concerned them (ya@think.maybe), November 26, 1999.

Anybody have the quote. I would love to share this one with my "you're crazy as hell!" friends!

-- DC (paladin456999@yahoo.com), November 26, 1999.

As if the stores are not crowded enough already with the Xmas crazies.

(Hope you're done prepping.)

-- cgbg jr (cgbgjr@webtv.net), November 26, 1999.


That's quite a shift in K-strategy.

Yes, we need supporting stories. Watch Reuters, AP and the local papers.

Billy-Boy, perhaps you can phone that radio interviewer?


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), November 26, 1999.

See what I can do and update as I go

-- Billy-Boy (Rakkasan@yahoo.com), November 26, 1999.

Billy-Boy: I know what you mean, let's just say the hubby shares the same smeared-in-the-mud name and he has not been happy about it. And our daughter's middle name is Monika!!!! (Though, notice, spelled the German way) Happily, she goes by her first name.

Gordo: Glad to see you hear, I have been wanting to ask you: WHY haven't the traditional media been talking about the rise in the price of crude oil? I have been watching the 3 big networks every day, CNN, Headline News, etc for the last week, and almost no mention whatsoever. They gloss over it on the financial shows on stations such as MSNBC and CNNFN, but nothing else. You would think this would be pretty major news.

-- preparing (preparing@home.com), November 26, 1999.

About a week ago, another post suggested a "sound byte" 2-weeks notice, I believe it was a DGI wife who heard and finally started to GI

Preparing- My local news broadcast mentioned the rising costs of Oil last night. No connection with Y2K, the reason was "Oil for Food" stall.

Time for a Scoobie Snack!!!!

-- ScoobieDooWhereAreYou? (karlacalif@aol.com), November 26, 1999.

I've been thinking about a possible strategy behind this if it's true.

The .gov had to wait, contacting private industry to get them to ramp up production levels but on the quiet. No need to panic people regarding the effects of Y2k until it became apparent that affects to average citizens were impossible to avoid. Preposition reserves and begin to warn at the height of the holiday season when demand is high already. Cross fingers that a large % will take the warning seriously and take advantange of the additional holiday inventory. Also, people are more willing to spend dollars at this time of year. Cross fingers again that Y2k will bring no impacts.

Also, I don't think the .gov can push for preps before a disaster. This would be proactive and they are better suited to react to a disaster both legally and by nature and design.

I've noticed around me a large increase in ship containers stored lots around my area. I'm about 5 miles from the port of L.A. We're talking containers stacked as high as 4 story buildings visable right off the 405 freeway in a rail freight area. This has NEVER been the case before in my memory. If you live in the area the offramp is just north of the 710 freeway. You'll see the railyard partially hidden behind trees right off the freeway. I've noticed an increase in this same type of container storage in other areas around me.

It could all be for the Christmas shopping season but I've never seen these containers stacked 6 to 8 high in the rail area before.

Just fyi.



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), November 26, 1999.


There is another thread on the board from (maybe) 2/3 days ago that gives detail of an announcment by a few local radio stations of the change from 2/3 days vs. 2/3 weeks. Sounds like the same question you are asking.

The thread was trying to pin down the originating source. I'll post here if I can find it.

-- maid upname (noid@ihope.com), November 26, 1999.

Thanks maid. Diane, Called the local BZ station, and "For a small, onetime fee, I can get a transcript of this mornings news" I think I'll hold for now, (no credit card available!!Yahoo!) But I'll listen tonite, and try and transcribe it. This station is fairly good in replaying the same news pretty much 24-7. Figure the 5pm news should have it. If I get a transcript done successfully, I'll start a new thread.

-- Billy-Boy (Rakkasan@yahoo.com), November 26, 1999.


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Posted in Media Coverage catagory; Title, "Heard on the Radio today- any other source?"

-- maid upname (noid@ihope.com), November 26, 1999.

Mike- with regard to your stacks of containers at L.A. This may help.Cheers, AGF

South China Morning Post Ltd. Nov 17, 1999

October was a record-breaking month for the port of Los Angeles, which reported a 24.4 per cent increase in cargo compared with October last year, perhaps the largest month-on--month increase in the port's 92- year history.

The port handled 387,166 teu (20 ft equivalent units) last month, the most containers ever moved in a single month at the port. "October is normally one of the busiest months of the year for us but this October has been exceptional," said Larry Keller, executive director of the port of Los Angeles.

"Not only are we at the height of the Christmas season, but we're at the height of the Y2K concern as well. Importers and major trading houses are trying to move their goods now to beat any chances of problems with the changeover to the new millennium," he said.

-- drac (greenspanisgod@frb.giov), November 26, 1999.

drac, thanks!!! Guess I'm not totally insane : )



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), November 26, 1999.

It is part of the administration official "dribble policy." Any time there is bad news you follow three steps. 1. Lie, 2. Start feeding small pieces to your buddies in the media 3. You let the story break after everyone is sick to death of hearing about it.

Works every time, because we are stupid.

-- squid (Itsdark@down.here), November 27, 1999.

Billy-Boy: Were you able to listen to the same comment later? How can we confirm this? How much does a transcript cost? What's the phone number for the station? Do you want me to stop now?

-- (normally@ease.notnow), November 28, 1999.

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