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Anyone have any experience using Kodak's aerial film 3412?? I recently acquired a roll 5" by 200' that I intend to cut and use in 5x7 format. I understand that while it is rated ASA 40, this is an aerial rating which differs from the standard ASA/ISO ratings. The aerial film is also a thin-base film. Is this a problem in standard 5x7 film holders? Any info would be appreciated.

-- Dave Cohen (, November 26, 1999


I have a 5"x 1000' roll which I have been using off of for about three years now, the only asa rating I know of is the 40 by Kodak, it does have extended red sensivity which makes it nice for people, I usually shoot it at 40/80 with 4 minute dev. in Pyro-tet, give nice negs with good shadow detail. I use it for 2x3, 4x5, and 5x7, have never had a problem with film holders, the problem is with film hanger in dev. the film is so thin that any sideways movement causes the film to slip out of the hangers. You will find that it prints faster also because of the .0025 thinkness, it clears twice as fast as other films and drys twice as fast. Very nice film when you get used to it.

-- pat j. krentz (, November 26, 1999.

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