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Must be just a coincidence, right?

If you go to the Gary North article, assuming it is genuine, as it is an e-mail from someone purported to live in OZ, the government there will now target "hoarders" by having appointed "inspectors" seizing private property of any kind, if deemed necessary during any Y2K crisis.

The gross incompetence and plain lying is evident in the statement that there aren't proper Y2K prep/contingency plans in place, which of course WAS the government's FULL RESPONSIBILITY TO ITS CITIZENS, AND should have been a long time ago, so what the hell, let's just confiscate "for the greater good".

Now, couple this with the fact that OZ just introduced in the last year, one of the most Draconian gun control/confiscation laws anywhere in the world.

Do you see a plan coming together?

Wonder how many of these "inspectors" will risk their lives by attempting to lay seige to a residence that may not have declared/turned in all their firearms? There is a LOT of "outback" in OZ. Plenty of space to store stuff.

-- profit of doom (, November 25, 1999


I don't find this very hard to believe, since we are talking about a country that taxes its citizens on natural rain water collected in tanks from roof runoff!. They also tax ground water!. What next AIR?. The Happy Hoarder.

-- The Happy Hoarder (, November 25, 1999.

Ooh, I think Australia is about to experience a revolution with or without ownership of guns. My area is one of the first to see "the new prices" I can only imagine what this will be like in Australia.

The people are going to build scaffolds and haul out those officials one by one in Australia.

-- Paula (, November 25, 1999.

I live in Australia and I don't ever recall being taxed for rain water run off nor being taxed for ground water.

While I am here, two popular TV shows in Australia this past week (Blue Heelers and Neighbours) both had episodes dealing with Y2K in some form or another.

I didn't see Blue Heelers but apparantly they showed a survivalist family all bunkered up with weapons, etc etc. (Blue Heelers is a drama focusing around the cops in a small town.) A cop from the big city came out and started discussing Y2K with the cops in the small town. The small town cops started laughing at the beginning and then later on started to take it seriously as the city cop explained all the possibilities and instructed the town cops to make contingency plans.

In Neighbours (A soapy) one of the family's kids tries to talk to her parents about Y2K. They immediately come back with that nothing is going to happen, it is all a joke and later on they did say that kids will have their fears.

Regards, Simon

-- Simon Richards (, November 25, 1999.

Assuming this report is true, it is a crystal clear example of what can happen in a country whose citizens have been disarmed by the government via gun control. If they get your guns, they've got you!

-- cody (, November 25, 1999.

I have spent a lot of time researching through the newspress in Australia looking for this article. I have not been able to find it. Also, it seems to me that if an article of this nature was actually true one of the major internet newsgroups like Yahoo would have posted it. I even went so far as to look for a government posting of this new law and was unable to find anything. Please do not rely on my research efforts, but let's see if we can find some corroborating evidence to back this story up.

-- Damon Devine (, November 25, 1999.

Okay, first point, we do not tax people on rain water collected from the roof, what a stupid concept, even if TPTB wanted to it would be impossible to administer. In some regions you are required to pay some sort of levy or tax on water collected in dams which would otherwise enter the river system, but you have to remember that Aus is a very dry country and water usage needs to be carefully controlled and shared fairly.

Secondly, I haven't heard of the proposed legislation to which the GN article refers. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist but I'm well read and would expect to have come across at least some referance to it.

The new firearms legislation affects only Auto and Semi-Auto weapons. My Purdy .577 Nitro Express double elephant rifle is still completely legal(or would be if I had one, I wish!). There's still *PLENTY* of guns around.

I really don't see any sort of revolution coming in Australia, I don't know whether it made the news in the US but we just had a referendum here as to whether Australia (currently a constitutional monarchy with the Queen of England as head of state) should become a republic. Unbelievably, it was defeated! We can't even cut ourselves free from the mother country and make one of our own the head of state, we'd rather face the prospect of King Charles the third, and possibly Queen Camilla!

No revolution here, Aussies (mostly) are just too apathetic!

Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends, wishing you all, Doomers, Pollies and Sheeple, the very best!


-- Ron Davis (, November 25, 1999.

I reside in S.A., a southern part where we inhale air never exhaled by anyone before. We do not have tax on rainwater, but do levy underground aquifers in contrast to the taxing the draw on Murray River irrigation. These levy 'taxes' friendships and some politicians would rather never have heard about 'levies'. They no longer are politicians. As for guns, well, it's an issue for the ballot box. Get used to seeing aspiring politicians blood the incumbents. The ballot box swings down here are huge. All parliamentary seats are vulnerable these days. Supposed 'compliance officers' are conspicuous by their absence. The only 'space' outback of here has got certain appeal to international freaks wishing to use it for radioactive material dumping. We generally view that idea with considerable contempt. Any politician in bed with such notions will find career difficulty.

-- Pieter (, November 25, 1999.

The article's info is LEGIT. Here is an Australian NP article referring to the matter at hand:


Y2K disaster law given go-ahead


THE Victorian Government is going it alone with far-reaching Year 2000 emergency legislation that suspends parts of the state constitution.

Other states and territories have no plans to invoke similar legislation, believing existing laws will be sufficient to cover any problems.

Only the ACT is adding to existing emergency laws. A general-purpose Emergency Management Bill currently before the ACT Assembly includes provisions for "major and systemic technological failure".

The Victorian move comes after the Longford gas explosion last year revealed Victoria's disaster provisions to be outdated.

The laws go beyond existing emergency measures by giving the Government extraordinary powers to deal with any computer-related breakdown in vital infrastructure.

The Bracks Government last week introduced the Essential Services (Year 2000) Bill to ensure it is fully equipped to deal with unforeseen emergency issues.

The Victorian law will give ministers "power to give directions to any person for the purpose of maintaining or resuming essential services".

Orders could include rationing or restricting access to anything declared an essential service by Victorian Governor Sir James Gobbo.

"In addition, there will be tough enforcement provisions to punish persons or corporations who feel their own needs to be more important than those of their fellow Victorians," Transport Minister Peter Batchelor told Parliament.

The Longford explosion showed the lack of suitable emergency powers in Victoria, Mr Batchelor said.

A clause in the Bill will amend the state constitution to prevent court action against any person "acting in good faith" under the Y2K law.

While conceding some people may believe the emergency powers "are so broad as to be draconian", Mr Batchelor said private and public sector groups have had opportunity to ensure Y2K readiness and undertake contingency planning.

The legislation is expected to be passed early next month. A June 30, 2001, sunset clause is included.

-- Time 4 (, November 25, 1999.

I am Australian, and have had the experience of living in country Queensland. A local fire inspector told me that the powers that be are bringing new legislation which forbids the felling of any trees (even on your own property) without an "environmental" permit. We use pine trees here for cooking and building chook (chicken) pens etc. BUT there is another law in the works, also for "environmental" reasons, that forbids us from even picking up fallen dead wood off the ground. Satellite photos will be used to help prosecute offenders. This means that anyone who is too successful at being self- sufficient can be hauled off to court. And oh yes, the satellites are already being used to bill farmers for unreported water dams (ponds), which may have been on the property (some are many thousands of acres) for decades. We do have Big Brother already. Yes, Aussies are too damn apathetic to change anything. That would involve moving out of their comfort-zone.

-- Sad Aussie (, November 25, 1999.

"While conceding some people may believe the emergency powers 'are so broad as to be draconian', Mr Batchelor said private and public sector groups have had opportunity to ensure Y2K readiness and undertake contingency planning."

Isn't *that* nice and contradictory.

If they *did* prepare, they get to have their property confiscated.

-- Ron Schwarz (, November 25, 1999.

A sad state of affairs in the land down under!

-- Irving (, November 25, 1999.

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Category: Martial_Law Date: 1999-07-23 09:11:04 Subject: Eugene, Oregon Gets Ready: Price Controls, Gun Controls, Confiscation of Property Link: Comment: Bump in the road. Winter storm. Confiscated food.

This is from the EUGENE REGISTER-GUARD (July 21).

* * * * * * * * * * *

As San Francisco burned in the aftermath of the devastating 1906 earthquake, Mayor E.E. Schmitz cracked down on lawlessness by authorizing federal troops and police to shoot and kill looters.

Far less drastic means of keeping order - traffic and crowd control, curfews, food and fuel rationing - would be at the disposal of Eugene's city manager under a proposed ordinance on declaring a state of emergency.

City officials consider the amendment to the city code a necessary tool for protecting lives and property after a major disaster. . . .

Some criticize it as a path to martial law and an assault on civil liberties. Others wonder if it's designed to quell unruly protests. Still others have dubbed the proposal "the Eugene Y2K home invasion act," characterizing it as the city's planned response to the Year 2000 millennium bug.

None of the above, said City Manager Jim Johnson.

"The intent is to grant me powers to maintain order in the community in an instance of a major disaster, where communication may be difficult and where action may need to be taken immediately," Johnson said. . . .

The ordinance was modeled after similar laws in other cities, including Portland, Beaverton and Springfield, and addresses the need to quickly seek outside help while maintaining local control during a major disaster, city officials said. . . .

The city manager only could invoke the powers after local resources, including help from Lane County and the city of Springfield, are exhausted and immediate assistance from the state or federal government is needed to save lives and limit property damage for a large portion of the population, Johnson said.

State and federal aid may be disbursed to cities and counties only after local municipalities first declare emergencies. . . .

The ordinance names other disasters that could prompt a state of emergency, including fires, explosions, severe weather, volcanic eruptions, hazardous materials spills, disease, blight, infestations, civil disturbances, riots, sabotage and war. . . .


Streets: Barricade streets and prohibit or regulate traffic on any public street leading to the designated emergency area.

Public gatherings: Prohibit or limit the number of people who may gather on any public street, public place or any outdoor place within the designated emergency area.

Curfew: Establish a curfew for when people must vacate public streets and public places.

Evacuations: Order the evacuation of people as necessary.

Weapons: Prohibit the sale, carrying or possession of any weapons or explosives on public streets and in public places.

Debris removal: Order removal of debris and wreckage that may threaten public health or safety on public or private property.

Confiscating property: Appropriate or confiscate merchandise, equipment, vehicles or property needed to alleviate the emergency. The city must reimburse owners within 60 days.

Price control: Regulate the use, sale or distribution of food, feed, fuel, clothing and other commodities, materials, goods and services by rationing, freezing, use of quotas, prohibitions on shipments, price fixing, allocation or other means.

Rent control: Establish rent controls and provide temporary or permanent housing. Link:

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-- maid upname (, November 25, 1999.

Some of these postings sound paranoid to me. Personally I would rather have a government that plans to pick up the pieces (if need be) in an organised way. Wouldn't you?

For the full text of Victoria's Emergency Services (Year 2000) Bill, go to Then select "Government in Victoria". Then select "Victorian Legislation & Other Documents". Then select "Parliamentary Documents". Then select "Bills".

For the Minister's statement and extensive debate (57 pages!), go to Then select "Government in Victoria". Then select "The full text of Hansard". Then select "Go to Hansard Online". Then select "Search Hansard". At "DEBATE TEXT", type in "Essential Services (Year 2000) Bill". Then select entries for 11 November (Minister's statement) and 23 November (debate).

-- Take it easy (, November 25, 1999.

Like many 'developed 'countries, Aussies gave up their personal freedoms in return for Govt 'assistance' (and to pay taxes) from cradle to grave. We are not far behind Sweden (which I believe is in the process of revolting). We are a Welfare Socialist Democratic country where you can stay on welfare your entire life, if you want to.

Many hundreds of thousands choose to do so. Others do the same thing by spending their lives 'working' in the Public (scuse me while I vomit) Service.

Many Americans still think of Aussies as 'true blue, rugged, outdoor types, wresting with 6 m. crocs and drinking copious quantities of beer". Alas, only the last is true.

We are a multicultural society where new- comers are encouraged to carry on their old ways (read hatreds) and, for example, female circumcision (sp, I don't do it often) whilst not exactly applauded, is let's say, given the "look the other way" treatment.

When TSHTF, it will be ugly, with our major cities as dangerous as any in the USA. True, the Govt. confiscated guns from law abiding citizens. Leaving them in the hands of criminals who don't obey the rules. Good move, hey!

We had a chance to change things, with a lady called Pauline Hanson, who though not of high intellect, had high ideals and the right ideas. She really scared the s--- out of the pollies, who joined forces to ensure that although she had over a million votes, her party (One Nation) went no-where.

I only hope that when things get icky, all the politically correct, the 'intellectuals', the pollies, public servants et al will suffer greatly. They sure deserve to.

PS I realise this is of NO interest to 99.9% on this forum. Good to get it off me chest, though...!

-- Ocker (Ocker@in, November 26, 1999.

Amen Ocker, this is such a socialist country. I mean, just the other day, it took me nearly four! minutes to drive my tractor to McDonalds, because the local council was parading it's SS- 29's up and down the high street again. And the number of forms you have to fill out for a Big Mac!...don't even dream of asking for no pickles. When I told the kid "If I wanted fries I would've frikin asked for fries" the manager threatened to have me sentenced to life in Adelaide!

-- number six (, November 26, 1999.

Ocker, You said:

Many Americans still think of Aussies as 'true blue, rugged, outdoor types, wresting with 6 m. crocs and drinking copious quantities of beer". Alas, only the last is true.

Not me, I think of Aussies as a delightful lot sitting around the barbie, nocking back a Fosters while singing Waltzing Matilda ( ala On The Beach).

-- Kiss me you fool (, November 27, 1999.

There's always a lot of puff and blow about "the people" rising up and throwing off their government, if/when it does this or that. Then the government does this or that, and nobody does anything. No revolution. It was all merely talk. The hotheads, not having dared step across the line when their oppressive government drew one, find some new intolerable act which, they say, will cause an uprising. Again, it's so much hot air. Cowards always talk, but it's always empty bluster. If they MEANT what they said, they would not wait for the NEXT act of oppression. They'd act NOW, because of what the evil government HAS ALREADY DONE. When politicians and bureaucrats, corrupt cops and judges, simply go on living, no matter how wicked their decrees become, don't expect the talkers to save you. In fact, don't expect anyone to save you. The hero you seek can be found only in a mirror.

-- Jerry Abbott (, November 22, 2004.

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