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I have used gasoline treated with Fuel-Saver that was in the can 42 months. It worked OK in truck, garden tiller, and chainsaw. One oz F-S preserves ten gallons gasoline for three to five years. You may re-treat the fuel at three year intervals. Fuel Saver $30 or so per quart from Nitro-Pak Heber Utah 1-800-866-4876. Nota Bene $20 purchase ...shipping charges $5.95 .......but .........$200+ purchase ... shipping charges only $18.95 .. Get with others. Combine your orders to save shipping cost. I saw Sta-Bil in Wal-Mart. I called 800 number, punched buttons as directed and learned that Sta-Bil unused in container has two years shelf life. Fuel treated with Sta-Bil is preserved for nine to twelve months. July 1999 American Survival Guide magazine says PRI-G for gasoline and PRI-D for diesel preserves fuel for ten years. I look forward to reading Jully 2009 ASG to see result of that test.

-- Vlad (, November 25, 1999

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