VB 4 Directory list box truncating to short name!!

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Am using the directory listbox, filebox and drive controls to > search for *.htm files in selected directories on a netware drive (we use Novell) under NT, VB4. The controls are > all synchronised. Straightforward one might think...However, if > the directory listbox encounters a directory name over 8 characters long it will capitalise(?) all sub-directories and terminates any long sub-directory names to 8 characters!!! Hence, I get error 76 (path not found) all over my prog because the truncated directory name returned by the control does not exist. Quickly coded the directory structure in Delphi 3 and there is no problem. Does anyone know of a workaround/fix for this bug. I would be in your debt as I have a lot of code to re-write if I cannot do this. have also tried under 95 - same error - with truncated names showing in an even stranger (and identical to each other) format. > > many thanks, > > Steve Kjaer

-- Steven Kjaer (cd1.l01597@memo.royalsun.com), November 25, 1999

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