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Just to let everyone know.... I'm sure most of you know of Kent. He usually organizes a BBS Reunion football game and pizza party during the holidays. The turnout has been pretty good the past few years. Last year, we even had 6 or 7 former POPnetters there, but it would be more fun if a few others came too! Assuming we'll have another event this coming holiday season, I'll post the date and time when it becomes official.

-- Keith Rosicker (, November 25, 1999


OK! It's official!! This year's BBS reunion football game has been scheduled for December 26th (Sunday), the day after Christmas. The game will take place at Nancy Boyd Memorial Park at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road East and Church Street in Martinez. I realize this is short notice, but hopefully a one or two of you will see this in time and make an appearance. As I said before, there are usually 6-7 old POPnetters who show up. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! yay! -kikokeith

-- Keith Rosicker (, December 20, 1999.

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