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Hello I'm in the process of starting a Blood Angels army and I would appreciate any tips/suggestions. Since my opponents are mainly Eldar, I would like some tips or hints on beating them. Thanx.

-- Commander Dante (, November 25, 1999


Blood angels kick ass in the new rules. Anyway, you gotta make a force that has the following things:

1)Some degree of manuverablity (sp?) 2)Good in combat (like Blood Angels should be) 3)An ability to deal with the current threat (e.g. Farseers and Avatars)

1) Assault (vetran ones if you can fit it in) squads with jump packs provide a you with a fast assult squad. Think about giving you Death Company (you will have a death company....chaplain remember, get a chaplain) jump packs (for free, gotta get your Chaplain a jump pack too though) instead of putting them in a rhino (free as well). A few predators (Ball Predator fits in nice) and Dreadnaughts (Furisco drednaught is coool).

2) Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company Death Company . Include a Death Company in your army for a mean combat squad. Use the rest of the army (Apart from the assault squad maybe) to soften up enemy hand to hand combat squads to give em an esier time.

3) Anti eldar stuff eh? Well just get stuck in, you should come out correctly if you apply the correct tactics. With your combat squad don't charge them in foolishly, you will get sluaghtered that way. Think about the positioning of the other enemy forces, and then your and decide the best point to strike at.

My Blood angels army look like:

HQ 1 1 Force commander, Jump Pack, Artificer armor etc 4 Honour Guard (upgraded one to Standard bearer with grail, Sanguinary priest, Techmarine, Vetran Seargant)

HQ2 1 Chaplain w/ Jump Pack (yes give you death company jump packs)

Troops 1 10 man Tactical squad (ig your short on points, make it a 5 man squad)

Troops 2 5 man Scout squad led by a vet sergant and heavy bolter

Elite 1 5 Terminators w/ vetran sergeant (give them close combat stuff, and don't forget the flamer)

Elite 2 Furisco Dreadnaught (yes this is Elite not heavy)

Fast Attck 1 9 man assault squad w/ Jump packs led by Vet seargant

Heavy 1 Baal Predator w/ 2 Flamers (eldar don't like flamers)

(i think thats about 1,500 points, not sure i did it off the top of my head, but if its not try adding a land speeder or a Devatator Squad)

-- Your Full Name (Your Email Address@Your Email, August 03, 2000.

Well i was going to start a Blood angle army but then canged to Space wolfs then i'm going to change to the TAU, well just one thing, you might want to add a Assasin to that just to pick off starying Eldar maybe the Vindacar would be ok

-- Cypher the fallen (, October 01, 2001.

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