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The two threads below are posted by "Sam" and are a waste of time. Why he would like to choose my home province is beyond me.


 BC Hydro has 250,000 date sensitive devices, yet only 333 didn't work. Should we be worried by these logistics...

On this thread Sam posted that BC Hydro has 250,000 date sensitive devices. BUT on the thread below also posted by Sam, Fact Finder posts information from BC Hydro that says there are only 8000 devices that are date sensitive. And out  of that 233 "physical units" needed to be remediated.

 BC HYDRO Ad - don't worry, we'll have staff on hand to operate MANUALLY

3. Does the 220 (223) represent total ("high impact"?) devices remediated,
       or does the 223 represent device types? If types, how many devices?

       BC Hydro - The 223 figure represents physical units remediated, not types.

4. Does the 8, 000 figure represent both mission critical and non-mission
       critical devices? (also is this total devices, or device types)

       BC Hydro - The figure represents the approximately 8000 devices, out of our total
       inventory of 250,000 devices, that have a date-sensitive component. It is
       total devices, not device types, and is a sum of both mission critical and
       non-mission critical devices.

At this late date one can't be relying on a persons comments when the information is out there. Get links, direct quotes, rather than going off the handle and guessing from poor information.

-- Brian (, November 24, 1999


Another fine post from the "other" Brian.

-- Brian Bretzke (, November 24, 1999.


Thanks but we do have another Brian on the forum so there are three of us. Must be a good name :o)

-- Brian (, November 24, 1999.

Oh and another example of my poor spelling, that is "your" act together rather than "you" act together.

Good thing I can at least read.

-- Brian (, November 24, 1999.

We's gots to get our act togedder!

-- Another Brian (imager@neighbor', November 24, 1999.

Geeeezzzzz.... my head hoits!


-- Brian Damage (, November 24, 1999.

Hey Brian, or stupido, or whatever your call sign is, IF, and I do mean IF you had a brain, you'd do a little fact finding yourself. You obviously live in BC, I won't say I do or don't cause I'm not as naive as you are, but hey, so I'm a 100 off the number, so **ucking what? The point is that BC Hydro had to examine over 250,000 devices, that's right pal, 250,000, and yes 8000 were important enough to test, and so a couple hundred failed. And YES, they say they will go manual if necessary. So tell me genius, what your point?

-- samIam (, November 24, 1999.


My I have touched a nerve, here is your thread title

>BC Hydro has 250,000 date sensitive devices, yet only 333 didn't work. Should we be worried by these logistics...

And from the previous thread (yours), a post from Factfinder from BC Hydro.

Yes, you are correct. Of the 8000 date-sensitive devices, approximately 3300 were assessed "high-impact". Of these, 223 needed and received remediation. Therefore, about 7% of our "high-impact" devices needed remediation.

Now Sam am I reading this right or are you ?

Somewhere along the line you have to account for 242,000 devices.

Now this may be an honest mistake or you could be a troll looking to "alarm" folks. If it is an honest mistake than I am sorry for coming down hard but the issue is a critical one for all folks. And I want the facts straight. But regardless you are wrong.

Here is the BC Hydro update web page. Check out their site, it is a good one.

BC& nbsp;Hydro: Year 2000 Update

-- Brian (, November 24, 1999.

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