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-2 last week -6 earlier this week -8 today

"Crash Index: -8 Status:Crash Alert Since August 3rd Updated: NOV. 24, 1999"

"How do I use the Market Crash Index??

There are just 2 simple rules:

When the Market Crash Index reaches a -10 we exit the market of any risky short-term long positions, and will increase the number and size of our short trades. When the Crash Index then reaches a +6, it is then safe to start picking up long positions again, and is time to reduce the number of short trades in our portfolio.

It's as easy as that. This is not a market timing tool designed to constantly switch in and out around small corrections. This index is used as a leading indicator to warn of the possibility of a large negative drop in the market, (20% or more), as indicated by a failure in underlying market fundamentals."

-- ng (, November 24, 1999



The market is in its drunken orgy stage, almost before everyone passes out from consumption!!!!!!

-- d----- (, November 24, 1999.

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