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Good afternoon all.

Middle Ground just made an excellent point on "A good reason to not feed the trolls." thread, I thought it would do good to re-post it:

"Well just gave a better example of what I was trying to explain on this thread, than ANYTHING I could have come up with. Let me preface by saying I IN NO WAY ADVOCATE WHAT REUBENS HAS/IS DOING RE:Y2K....but Deb that statement you attribute to him is just not true."

"You may be mistaking the former poster who is quoted automatically by the script that board is running...notice the little ":" before each line?"

"Do you see the point? It doesn't help anyone to spread untruths about their "opponents"....I don't have the thread but I remember reading that Reubens was one of the first to type (in ALL CAPS) that he was absolutely opposed to any attempts to remove the timebomb forum from MIT servers."

"If WE want to get the truth out, we need to focus on what is important. Let people see the lies and deceptions on the part of extremists (on BOTH SIDES) for what they are....WE need to keep our noses clean and STICK TO THE ISSUE."

"I know that some think it is just too late to "talk" anymore. I disagree. I am finding it easier to get people to prepare (my view is that even minimum preps are better than nothing....if only to hold people over until relief agencies can arrive, if needed) as we near the rollover. That niggling doubt in the back of their minds is less deniable than before, because the time is short."

"One couple I've been speaking with for MONTHS has just started "extra shopping"....each time they go for groceries, they pick up extra bulk items, and cases of bottled water. (I know its not much, but it is a start) EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has even minimum preps is that much LESS strain on the system IF it snaps."

"I emplore you all, PLEASE don't engauge the extremists in their mudslinging ploys. It wastes EVERYONE'S time."


-- MiddleGrounder (y2kwillbe@5.or6), November 24, 1999.

-- Deb M. (, November 24, 1999


TASC clock just flipped again...only 18 Federal workdays left 'till the Roll!!

-- K. Stevens (kstevens@ It's ALL going away in, November 24, 1999.

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