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I saw a thread in's Q&A forum about using Stroboframe's, and a response by Sean (with a link to your page) that the Stroboframe worked best.

I have a Stroboframe and have used it with my Canon A2, Elan and 1N and 540 Speedlite. But, I can't seem to get good, even illumination when using it and shooting verticals at wide angles (28 mm). I've tried setting the flash zoom manually to 18 mm and using an Omnibounce to spread the lighting, but I still get the light fall off in vertical shots with wide angle lenses.

What tips can you offer? Or, how are you using the Stroboframe? Maybe I can try what you do and fix the problem. Thanks for your help. -- Fred Solis

-- Fred Solis (, November 24, 1999



You didn't mention if you were getting fall-off at the left- or right- hand side of the vertical shot, but I am assuming you are. I have always used the Pro-RL with two to three notches of negative positioning to ensure a more even exposure in verticles.

I would also consider getting your strobe off the 18mm setting as this is probably just eating away at your recycle times.

Good Luck,


-- Sean T Noonan (, November 29, 1999.

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