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Computer system glitches leave some shelves bare in liquor stores


JACKSON - Liquor stores around Mississippi are having problems keeping shelves stocked during their busiest times of the year because of a computer software glitch.

The problem with the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division's new $2 million system has led to delayed deliveries from the ABC warehouse. The system, which started Nov. 1, was supposed to make the process easier.

''I had so many people asking me if we were going out of business because our shelves have been bare. Financially, we're perfect, but we just can't get the products,'' said Jitender Khanna, owner of Circle J Liquor and Wine in Jackson.

Tax Commission chairman Ed Buelow Jr., who oversees the ABC, said the automated system is having trouble recognizing special orders and fine wine selections. The result is that some stores did not receive all their orders, or there has been a delay in delivery. The ABC is the alcohol distributor for the state.

Normally, deliveries in Jackson are the next day and shipments to other areas of the state require only one extra day.

Now, in some cases, deliveries take several days.

''We're encountering some problems in having the system to perform the way it's supposed to. My employees are having to work overtime to get the orders out,'' Buelow said.

Buelow said he has given the contractor, DyneCorp of Virginia, 30 days to figure out the problem and correct it. That deadline is up Dec. 1, but Buelow said he may grant an extension.

Buelow said the computer system was scheduled to be installed Oct. 1, but DyneCorp had a dispute with the subcontractor, which delayed the project.

Buelow said he had wanted the system up and running before the holiday season.

''It's an awful time to change computers with the holidays here,'' said Pauline Mensi, owner of L&M Package Store in Gulfport. ''You're having to work harder to get your products.''

Anticipating the slow delivery, Mensi said she ordered extra wine and liquor and placed the request earlier to make sure she got it in time for Thanksgiving.

Tony DeMartini, a broker for Double Diamond Wine and Spirits in Jackson, said the ABC made a good business decision to install the new system, despite the fact that payments to brokers have been hampered because of it.

''What's going to happen, after everything is worked out, is everybody is going to be better off for it. I feel like the state is trying to better the system,'' he said.

-- Homer Beanfang (, November 24, 1999


Is there already a cascade effect...shortages spreading to adjacent states' bordertowns?

-- Slobby Don (, November 24, 1999.

Hmmm...I suppose the Y2K effect may also have implications for the timely delivery of Crack, Heroin, Pot, Meth, LSD, PCP, and rubber cement. Perhaps I should plan ahead by quitting now?

John Ludi, twitching.

(Sorry, just trying to add some levity to the mix...slow day at work...)

-- Ludi (, November 24, 1999.

Makes me glad that I already stocked up on sacramental wine.

-- Mad Monk (, November 24, 1999.

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