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I know that at first glance this may not seem prep related, because it's dealing with trying to fix a couple things that won't work if we lose power and so may very well be moot in less than 40 days. However, if there was an easy way to fix these things it would help me from the standpoint of facilitating carrying preps into the house. Both problems have to do with garage doors/openers.

Problem one - we've run into this in the past and I didn't know how to fix it then and resorted to buying a new transmitter. The opener transmitter that you keep in the car or take with has now, for some reason decided to continuously transmit the signal that opens/closes the garage door. If anyone thinks they know how to fix this, or if they think they might know with additional information, please post here.

Problem two - the other garage door. On the physical opener that is installed in the garage, there was some type of wire that used to hang down from near the motor and light. I think it was the receiver wire. Something happened where the wire broke off, and now it can hardly pick up the signal from the transmitter. To get to where the wire attaches you would have to take a few things apart and go beyond where I would normally feel comfortable going. I also don't know if the type of wire used makes a difference or not. Realize this is probably beyond me to fix, but again, if anyone has fixed this type of thing and has suggestions let me know here on the forum.

-- murphy (notreal@this.time), November 24, 1999


The wire that was hanging down was an
antenna. You will need to open the unit
and re-attach. Turn off the power first!

-- spider (, November 24, 1999.

Fix the antennae wire like spider says.
Then see if that solves your problem with the door opener.

If it doesn't, the actual switchINSIDE the transmitter may be "sticking".

Buying a new transmitter may be a better option.

also you might want to check out the Newsgroup:

and post a message there. Lots of questions and answers about exactly the kind of stuff you are looking for.

-- plonk! (, November 24, 1999.

Something else you may want to think about,if the electricity is off,the garage door may be able to be opened by anyone,manualy.You may want to consider installing a lock on the garage door.

-- Maggie (, November 26, 1999.


How so? although the power is off, the mechanical system is still engaged. You can't just push up on the door and "voila!" it opens.

-- plonk! (, November 27, 1999.

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