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Continued problems with our payroll system. We are getting these messages every week. They are fixing them as they occurr (trying to).

"Central payroll experienced a problem in the process of running student payroll checks. As soon as the Business Office is notified that the checks are available, we notify you"

-- thomas saul (, November 24, 1999


What company?

-- Randers (COYOTECANYON@HOTMAIL.COM), November 24, 1999.

that would be Yale University in New Haven, CT.

-- goofinoff (, November 24, 1999.

Everyone seems to be finding these neato bugs in the patches and fixes they've slammed in recently. In my employer's system it was anyone who took time for vacation or sick time got paid at double time rates. Nice until they took the extra cash back the following week.


-- Wildweasel (, November 24, 1999.

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