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Any Oracle users out there? Computer Weekly Oracle users may have to fork out for costly software upgrades because of y2k bugs found in the suppliers e-commerce suites. The products - which include the online shop front Oracle Commerce Sserver, the Internet billing system Oracle Payment Server and Internet Commerce Server use a non-compliant version of Sun's Java development environment.

-- dick of the dale (, November 24, 1999


Oracle is a fairly "high-end" product. Most companies that use Oracle software also purchase "support plans" (Gold, Silver or Bronze in Oracle-speak). Such support plans include maintenance releases (bug-fixes).

-- Anonymous999 (, November 24, 1999.

And, of course, Oracle has all of the necessary people trained and ready to get out there and get it fixed in next to no time so everyone will be ready for rollover (starting with gold and working their way down to bronze). Sh'ah right!

-- just wondering (, November 24, 1999.

Hi Dick of the Dale!

Long time. Phil Greenspun uses Oracle. You could ask him.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 24, 1999.

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