What makes us unique?

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We're web based. The competition is also web based and also offers multiple methods of delivery (dead trees and plastic coasters primarily).

The competition charges a *lot* but they also do all the work involved in gathering and editing the content. We're going to be charging less, but we're making the customer do their own data entry.

On the flip side, the customer has better control of their own data and can use our service to store the project data that's important to them. The competition keeps tight control of all content.

We're also offering a Contract Administration piece which is intended to reduce hassles for the AE and thus encourage them to take the time to keep their data up to date.

Most of the real benefits touted for the system will require majhor technological/financial investment and will have to wait until the user base has grown considerably.

We will be offering space for users to place their own content, articles, opinions, etc. Should we have a Q&A forum? I think so.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 1999

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