Everything Is Interconnected

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This is from the book called: Black Day Bright Dawn

Author: Sun Bear with Wabun Wind


Everything is Connected

In the period from 1929 to 1941,we went through what was called the Great Depression. During the Depression there was a tremendous weather change, a great drought cycle. This drought created the dust bowl and the winds blew the dust away, along with many people's dreams.People lost everything they had and went hungry.

Now, world leaders term the economic problems "recession" because "depression" frightens people too much.Anybody who survived the Depression knows there were major Earth disturbances during that time.It's also when Adolf Hitler came to power, when Joseph Stlin rose to power, and when World War II began.

Everything is interconnected. When Mt. St. Helens erupted in Washington State, there were riots in Miami. In Africa now, there is severe drought. the deserts are growing every year, and there is much unrest on the continent, particularly in South Africa, but it is affecting other places, too. You see from these patterns that humankind and the Earth are very closely related. If something is strange or off balance in nature, people are affected by it.

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This was published in 1990, but still relevant today.

-- Maggie (aaa@aaa.com), November 23, 1999


Liked that Maggie, did not live through the depression, my folks did and still talk of it, think that is why they don't want to face the coming hard times, they have been there and done that, all I did was read The Grapes of Wrath. Read a bunch of Indian prophecies on Sightings a week or so ago, is all very interesting the interconnection of things. wish I could get the book but probably not enough time...Thanks Sandy

-- sandy (rstyree@overland.net), November 23, 1999.

snip from the same book.

"There's an Idian prophecy about this mountain and about Mt. St. Helens.The Indiians said that Little Sister (Mt. St. Helens) would speak and Grandfather (Mt.Rainier) would answer,and the land would be swept clean to the ocean." End snip

Sandy,thanks for the info on sightings.Too many post still to read here,I will look at the other site tomorrow.

-- Maggie (aaa@aaa.com), November 23, 1999.





-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), November 24, 1999.

Diane,don't understand the @ after your name?

-- Maggie (aaa@aaa.com), November 24, 1999.

Is it @=the big T? As in T -> ~~~~~~

-- Maggie (aaa@aaa.com), November 24, 1999.


Can you verify this quote, posted by another forumite on another forum?

An interesting quote I found; "The people who will survive will be those who love life and affirm life in every way they can. They will be people who are willing to make a conscious change in the way they view life and in their actions toward all creation. They will not be those sitting with their rifles over a can of beans. The survivors will be people reaching out for another level of consciousness and seeking communication with the Creator and the Earth. They will be people living close to the earth far from large cities who are able to grow and harvest or gather their own food from the wild. " Sun Bear, Chippewa Medicine Man (1929-1992) Interesting,

-- Typhon Blue (typhonblue@hotmail.com), November 23, 1999.

-- Rick (rick7@postmark.net), November 24, 1999.


I found the first part on page 60 of the book I have (not the gun and beans).I have glanced over the book so far to page 122 and on it,Sun Bear said: Just don't be too dependent on the systems that are beyond your control;that's where the real danger lies.If you turn the faucet on and water doesn't come out of the pipes,you're in bad shape.If something happens to the electricity,the gas, the oil,and you don't know how else to cook or keep warm,you'll have a real problem.When the gasoline pumps don't work down at the service stations, you're going to be hurting.

He goes on to say: I look at the big cities in the world and,to me,they are death traps.Once everything comes down and chaos begins,I don't see anybody in the cities getting more then 25 miles outside of the city limits.The problems with the cities stems from all the things that they're dependent on technology for.

If you are in the city,learn how to sprout seeds for food and how to garden indoors.If you have room,plant a garden outside.Find out about buying food from people who raise it near the city.When thee trucks aren't running, "truck gardens" could save your life. page 160

-- Maggie (aaa@aaa.com), November 24, 1999.

Thanks Maggie,

I am interested in seeing if there is anything by Sun Bear at my local city library.

-- Rick (rick7@postmark.net), November 29, 1999.

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