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I am interested in constructing an 8x10 conversion unit for my Beseler 45MX (I don't want to spend the $$ Beseler is asking). I cannot see using/adapting the current light stage casting as it seems much too flimsy to me to hold the Aristo 1212 light source (the aluminum actually flexes out at the end when moderate pressure is put on it). Does anyone have experience with the Ross/Beseler unit and might you comment on the actual structure of the replacement casting? I can't seem to find a unit out there to look at (photos only tell/hint at so much...), but this sure would help me visualize an appropriate design here. Also, Ross reccommmended the Nikkor this a must or will a 240mm work with his setup? Might there be part drawings available for this unit or has anyone endeavored to construct such a unit? thanks,


-- Lloyd Trainor (, November 23, 1999


Recently I came across a review of the Beseler/Ross unit written (by Jock Sturges no less) when it was still a Ross, not a Beseler. The way the original prototype was described it sounded easy enough for someone with my limted skills to tackle. I had intended to use wood and parts from an old Elwood when I got around to it. Maybe that's just good writing though. The article did mention that you had to use a 210mm.

The Ross model did intend you take the enlarger head apart - easier on older ones as they have sliding "Graflock" type clamps for each section.

I should think you could get a parts list/schematic from Beseler directly. Maybe contact Alan Ross at

-- Sean yates (, November 23, 1999.

thanks for the response. Yes, I've seen the Sturges article and yes all the photos and descriptions make it sound easy until you actually look at the casting on your enlarger (the top casting on the 45mx which supports the light housing is replaced on the Ross head) and ask, do I build around the existing piece (with difficulty) and will it even be strong enough, or replace it (and if so, in what configuration) and how must it be constructed to support the weight of the 1212 lite? I don't see schematics for this unit at the Beseler site and I have talked to Alan, who is, as you'd expect, unable to comment as he sold his design to Beseler for $$


-- lloyd trainor (, November 23, 1999.

Here's Beseler's non e- address:

1600 Lower Road P.O. Box 4219 Linden, N.J. 07036

I once spoke to a very helpful guy in the parts department who had been accepted to graduate school at either New Mexico or Arizona, I can't recall which. He sent me exploded drawings of the 23C and a parts list. I can't say if the new folks are as nice as he was, but the toll free # is 1-800-237-3537

-- Sean yates (, November 23, 1999.

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