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Well, as usual, we're lagging behind the USA, but our security services are finally jumping on the terrorist(/freedom fighters, take your pick) bandwagon. What is interesting is that they are talking up the threat to power, gas and water from Irish republican groups. Now, ss far as I know, there has never been such an attack against these utilities. Yes, it would make sense to do so now, but it would also be awfully convenient to have some faceless scapegoats standing by if "100% compliant" turns out not to be 100% accurate.

-- Colin MacDonald (, November 23, 1999


It seems that pretty much every other year there's a bit of concern about a possible "Christmas bombing campaign". Who's talking up the threat to power, gas and water from terrorist groups? I didn't see that mentioned in the article.

As far as scapegoating y2k failures onto terrorist groups: I'd have thought that software messing up (for example) switching on the power grid would exhibit quite different symptoms from a bomb attack.

-- Rob (rob@planet..rob), November 23, 1999.

Thanks Colin,

Sadly, its a very real threat everywhere. I hope the Saudis know how to protect the pipelines and refineries down there.

Or the rest of the world is in deep...

*Another Sigh*


Tuesday November 23, 9:56 AM

Festive Bombing Campaign Fears


[Fair Use: For Educational/Research Purposes Only]

Fears of a planned festive mainland bombing campaign by dissident Republicans have led to a national terrorist alert being issued by Scotland Yard.

As many as 30 organisations and major companies have been advised about the threat. Potential individual targets, including senior military and political figures, have also been alerted.

Extra police officers are being drafted on to the streets of cities across the country and security is being tightened in London around Westminster, the City and Docklands.

Scotland Yard refused to confirm that an alert had been issued.

But a spokeswoman said: "The Metropolitan Police continually monitors and reviews its anti-terrorist measures and we are not prepared to discuss matters of individual security."

-- Diane J. Squire (, November 23, 1999.

Hi Rob/Diane. Sorry, I couldn't find a better link than that. Try looking on the BBC's news site to see if they've caught up with it yet.

-- Colin MacDonald (, November 23, 1999.

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