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I was just looking through the wonderful Wisner catalog and started reading about their 20X24 field camera. It left me wondering if anyone currently makes lenses for that beast and if tray processing would be the only way to process that size film.

Any comments?

-- David Grandy (dgrandy@accesscable.net), November 22, 1999


I have been told that the Fujinon 600 f11.5 lens, which is currently made, and which I own, will cover 20 X 24. Fuji lists the coverage as 620 mm, or slightly over 24 inches, but I imagine it could be more if stopped down and focused at closer than infinity, as is usually the case for the studio cameras. I'm unaware of any other currently- made lenses that cover, but am prepared to be shown up by a flood of LF erudition by other posters.


-- Nathan Congdon (ncongdon@jhmi.edu), November 22, 1999.

hello for this size camera it is better to take a look to old lens (protar and goerz). some new lens will cover if you use doctar (600 to 1000). the normal lens in this format is a 800 so you should first see that there isn't a lot of this lens made today (you need a non tele formula lens). for the developement I now a friend who made it in tray but Iwould say that it is easier in tube.

nze christ

-- nze christian (nzec@compuserve.com), November 23, 1999.

There are plenty of long focal length used process lenses for sale one Ebay every day.

-- sheldon hambrick (sheldon_hambrick@hotmail.com), November 23, 1999.

Wisner has a table of classic lenses for 20x24 on his web site at http://www.wisner.com/20x24lens.htm.

-- Chris Patti (cmpatti@aol.com), November 23, 1999.

Tray processing by inspection will work fine with 20x24 sheet film. One advantage of doing it this way is that you will be correcting as you process, for any oddities or imprecision in exposure. In the tubes or mechanical processing you won't find out you blew it until after it has been fixed-too late to alter processing time to suit the subject.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), November 25, 1999.

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