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More officials weighing in on the NBC Y2K movie:

-- Linkmeister (, November 22, 1999


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City Official Denounces Y2K Movie - (LOUISVILLE) -- An emergency management official in Louisville is crying foul over a movie on the much-anticipated Y-2-K bug. Last night's airing of "Y-2- K, The Movie" on N-B-C depicted everything from plane crashes to power outages come midnight December 31st. Dick Bartlett, the head of Louisville's emergency management services says nothing in the movie will be happening in Louisville. He says NO flights will be cancelled at Louisville International Airport, and widespread power outages will NOT occur.


-- Linkmeister (, November 22, 1999.

I live in Louisville. Everything about Louisville falls in step with the "official" stance on y2k. the newspaper (Courier Journal), tv (WHAS, WAVE, WLKY) ALL only give what the Administrations, Banks or utility Companies say.

They NEVER ask a hard question. LG&E (Louisville gas and Electric) has been on their tv stations before stating how they will be ready. They had spent $20 million by the end of 1998 (started in 1996) and they will spend $12 million in 1999. No reporter asked "sounds like your only 60% complete then"


I am about 5 miles from Louisville International Airport and see the planes on their approach. Doesn't look good.

-- bb (, November 22, 1999.


Lousiville and Jefferson County are in better shape for Y2K than I first thought. Almost no information about this area was available a year ago.

From what I can tell now, though, LG&E and the Metropolitan Sewer District are in good shape. Bell South recently--since the time of the Community Conversations in this area--has reduced their estimated costs for fixing Y2K and seem to be mostly finished. I'm still not sure about the Louisville Water Company, though. A water company rep has said their greatest area of concern is their microchip based process control systems.

My experience at some Community Conversations in Kentuckiana earlier this year are on this thread:

Also see this thread about Louisville/Jefferson County:

Jefferson County's Y2K Web page:

Louisville's Y2K Web page:

-- Linkmeister (, November 25, 1999.

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