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Las Vegas ready for Y2K? Bob DeCastro LAS VEGAS, Nov. 22 Computers crash sending the entire city into a tailspin. Theres no water and no way to get your money from the bank. That was the doomsday scenario in the NBC movie, Y2K. But does it hold any weight? News three has been informing you about Y2K over the past few months and we have some answers for you.

AT LEAST 700-HUNDRED THOUSAND people are expected on the strip for New Years. If the power went out, the night could turn chaotic. But rest assured, government agencies and local utility companies say theyre ready to ring in the New Year. We have 23 emergency backup generators and 26-thousand gallons of fuel in fuel tanks to power the generator. Marc Traasdahl McCarran International Airport We live in a world connected to computers. The company that powers all of Las Vegas has spent seven million dollars over last three years to make sure their computers dont crash. Theyre confident that you will have electricity when the clock strikes midnight. Thats comforting to other utilities. Even the pumps that bring water to your home are powered by electricity. If they dont work, officials at the water district say they have another plan in place. James Ellisor with the Las Vegas Valley Water District says, We have a contingency that if it could happen, we have extra staff that could start the pumps manually. Fears are not flying high at McCarran International Airport either. Marc Traasdahl with McCarran Airport says, We have 23 emergency backup generators and 26-thousand gallons of fuel in fuel tanks to power the generator. The computers that control planes have been tested, and so have the ones that affect your pocketbook. Local bank executives say there is no need to withdraw all your money before the New Years Eve. Christine Worrell with Bank West says, Money is insured if its in the bank. Im not sure who insures it if its in a mattress. Health care officials are also trying to lay fears to rest. Officials in the pharmaceutical industry say youll have no problems picking up your prescriptions. If a crisis does arise, troops from the Army National Guard are ready to storm the strip, if ordered by the governor. 180 troops will be on the ready and 500 more will be on standby. Theyve been training for the past six months. A recent survey says the number of bank customers who say they will withdraw extra money before the New Year is falling. And in a recent Gallup poll, 40-percent of the American public said they havent done anything to get ready for a Y2K meltdown.

-- Homer Beanfang (, November 22, 1999


>We have 23 emergency backup generators and 26-thousand gallons of fuel in fuel tanks to power the generator.

I'm sure the state of NV has done all it could in the event of power outages, to have any backup emergency power for a short time, so the people can be told it is in their own best interest to leave. I sincerely doubt it wants those 700,000 as refugees.

Everyone in NV be prepared to be ever so utterly gracious and soothing in helping those people to LEAVE. "This way to the bus, ooh is your suitcase too heavy? Here dear let me carry it for you."

-- Paula (, November 22, 1999.

Hope somebody records this one on their videocam.

-- troops storming strippers (, November 23, 1999.

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